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At the Agricultural Fair, Holland does not avoid the insults – Liberation

He knew it would not be a cakewalk, but it was not stolen. While Nicolas Sarkozy chose not to inaugurate the Agricultural Fair in 2010 because of an already tense situation, choosing not to go door Versailles that during the closing weekend, François Hollande faced this responsibility Saturday.

it is 6:46 when he crowds the lobby carpet 1. the bays are still empty as the living room is not yet open to the public but the French breeding (pork, beef, milk) through an unprecedented crisis. The head of state is protected only by exhibitors an important safety device: not less than three cords of police officers. And accompanied by his Minister Stéphane Foll the Agriculture but above Beulin Xavier, the powerful head of the FNSEA, the largest trade union representing the profession.

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This had the gift of provoking the ire of many farmers. “But what Beulin doing with him? If asked Julien, a young producer nonunion isérois milk. While we die, Beulin and Holland are walking hand in hand at the show, quiet “ Bernard Lannes, president of the rural Coordination union, chose to laugh Yellow:.. ” We here at Beulin. social peace on the show was negotiated between Manuel Valls and FNSEA to make beautiful pictures today. “

” I am breeder, I die “

not far, Laurent Pinatel, spokesperson of the peasant Confederation, agricultural union classified left, did not say anything: “Beulin negotiated a 7% decrease in social contributions for the lounge is well. This is a big horse-trading on the back of farmers’ And the unionist farmer adds:. “The peasants are dying, and we are taking pictures of the President putting his hand on the butt of cows. “

in fact, Francois Hollande welcomed as it should Cerise, bazadaise cow eight, beef breed of Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrénées, miss the show in 2015. then he borrowed the marked route, which had been prepared by his team. And that’s where things went awry. Predictable? Yes and no. Yes because the exasperation among farmers is such that almost a year ago it would have been strange, if not suspicious, it is not expressed during the visit of the head of state. No, because the presence of Xavier Beulin union alongside the President had symbolic value. Understand: I am close to François Hollande, I work with him on crisis solutions, let me do and especially trust me

It was not counting on a handful of young farmers. (JA), the youth section of the FNSEA, who, dressed in black t-shirt struck by the words “I am breeder, I die” have copiously heckled Francois Hollande. It was 7:43. The President first came under whistles. Then injunctions to resign.

 Paris, 27 f & # xe9;  February, 2016.Visit Fran & # XE7; ois  Holland and Stephane Le Foll at the Agricultural  Fair Photo Laurent Troude to .. Libération

tension rose suddenly Surprisingly uncontrolled by FNSEA. “Bum” “Asshole” “It completely does not care about us,” “Manure” … Then dung was launched. Without successfully reach the head of state. at this time, Xavier Beulin realized he lost control anything in its ranks. Just as when, almost an hour later, his members have undertaken to ransack, “disassemble” according to their formula, the stand of the Ministry of Agriculture. Action has led to a scuffle between police and unionists . and the forceful arrest of two members of the FNSEA, which will be no prosecution, promised the police prefect of Paris, after the demonstrators agreed to disperse.

François Hollande empathy plays

After the insults and whistles Young farmers, which were hastily evacuated from the chamber, the President seemed shaken. As if things had not gone as planned. Implied, Xavier Beulin had not played the expected role of umbrella or even lightning rod.

Soon after, Hollande spoke to some journalists, affirming its commitment to act against the dictates of which French agriculture accuses Brussels: “the cries I hear” “if I came to the living room is not just a ride, it’s for including hear cries of pain, suffering cries of “” if I’m here today is to show that there is a national solidarity “ “we will do everything to help agriculture, because agriculture defending I defend the nation” .

He played empathy with its critics, taking up most of their claims. By releasing it had not “confuse all the anger,” that farmers and one that goes against the reform of the Labour Code, the President has betrayed its concern and political weakness. This visit will the image of a president booed and insulted by the Young Farmers. All that the Elysee had tried to avoid.

François Hollande is not however the first to wipe this type of mishap. We remember Lionel Jospin, then Prime Minister and his Minister of Agriculture Jean Glavany, which in 2001, had been booed by hundreds of cattle breeders. And saw eggs thrown at them. Without achieving them. It is also during his his first salon as President, Nicolas Sarkozy in 2008 that had dropped his famous “poor Casse-toi con” with the address of a visitor who refused him shake hands.

at 12:30, six hours after arriving, Francois Hollande is back in his car. Where he was able to measure how a President (or Prime Minister) in office, the inauguration of the International Agriculture Show is practiced without a net.

Philippe Brochen


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