Monday, February 22, 2016

The bang (and com) Ségolène Royal Canal + – The Point

Tired of political views through the wrong end of the telescope? Ségolène Royal too! The Minister of the Environment (but not only!) Has offered a little luster Sunday when she was invited on the set of Extra Canal +. Preceded by a story that told, t on western background music, the Royal method to “respect its position” vis-à-vis Fabius as Jean-Marc Ayrault, the number three did not like to be described as an ambitious who thinks only expand its scope at the expense of his colleagues.

She therefore advised loudly upon entering the tray. Laughing, but this forced laugh that hides the ill concealed anger, she denounced a caricature of the political process “is little stories … Fortunately, this is not it the policy.” Then correcting himself: “This is not primarily that. That’s a lot of work, “explained the Minister of Ecology. “It’s not permanent conflicts. We do not have time. It does its job, we have the sense of urgency, we build, we build. “

But Ali Baddou stressed. He comments and a photo of the new government reshuffle which was perceived as a “sticking plaster” or “an exercise in political combination.”


But Ségolène Royal did not let lead “in the denigration of politics” which already “has already not good press.” “What is wrong with this team? She asks. Judge people on results. You, you want to be judged on your results? Well, policymakers must first be judged on their results. “And while refusing to judge the five-year period as a whole, so it’s balance sheet has defended the minister: energy transition law” creates thousands of jobs “,” work on building insulation “…,” there biodiversity law that I have to pass. “

Well, but then,” how rekindle the flame “of the left, particularly at half after four years in power? asks the reporter. A question swept by Ségolène Royal who does not believe that “the flame is lowered everywhere.” The proof: “it” calls for project on “green tech”. “I’ll select the best ideas,” explains the minister. Certainly, Royal works a lot! You’d think she does everything alone! Asked about NDDL, once again, she says “his” work: it will ensure that people reparlent. “It’s in the imagination that can be effective,” concluded the minister. Pure sugar Royal. She might withdraw from the plate to mark its disapproval she had indeed done enough its own communication



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