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Orne. Four young people from 20 to 26 years are killed in an accident – Ouest-France



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The horror Friday night on the departmental 908, in Orne in Normandy. A car collided with a truck at 23 am at the place called La Brindossière, at the base Intermarché, between the Ferte-Mace and Carrouges.

Three young Magny The car had crashed into the truck as he entered the Intermarché base. The four young men in the vehicle, aged 20 to 26 years old, died.

The shock visibly & # xe9; t & #  xe9; an extr & # XEA; violence to me.
The shock was obviously of extreme violence. | Photo: Marc Ollivier / Ouest-France

Three of them lived in Magny-le-Desert, a town of 1,400 inhabitants. The fourth is a native of the English Channel. The truck driver is unscathed.

The accident has mobilized 14 fire La Ferte-Mace and Bagnoles de l’Orne and many policemen.

This new drama brings to eight the number of deaths on the Orne roads since the beginning of the year.

Horror on the road in the Orne, o & #  XF9, four young people have found xe9 & #;  death in an accident.
Horror on the road in the Orne, where four young people died in an accident. | Computer graphics Visactu

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