Monday, February 22, 2016

Attacks: the passage of Salah Abdeslam in Alsace – Le Point

Salah Abdeslam went through the south of Alsace on July 31. The man to whom the investigators attribute a major role in organizing the attacks of 13 November has been a traffic stop near the customs post of St. Louis (Haut-Rhin), close to the German border and Swiss. Police officers who asked for his papers, he provided his ID and said her address: 30, Place Communale Molenbeek

Revealed by Le Parisien it. February 22, this information raises part of the veil on the route taken by the Belgian known that he left his home in Molenbeek end of July to reach Patras (Greece) on 2 August 2015. the purpose of this trip 1 700 km (three days), via Bari (Italy), conducted aboard a rental car, a rented Renault Mégane in the suburbs of Brussels, along with Ahmed Dahmani has not been established to date .

the hideout

last Friday, February 19, the Belgian authorities indicated to have identified the “stash” of Salah Abdeslam at 86 Henri Bergé street in Schaerbeek, another district the Brussels suburbs. Brought to this address by one of his friends, Ali Oulkadi, November 14, after being recovered by Paris Attou Hamza and Mohamed Amri, there would be stayed until 4 December 2015. According to the daily The last time , Salah Abdeslam would have left “in a rush” this accommodation on the third floor of a quiet building.

excavations on Thursday 10 December, police revealed traces of explosives. Three belts “handcrafted” and fingerprints Salah Abdeslam were found there, without however possible to “date” that track and therefore determine when the key suspect terrorist attacks that 130 dead and over 350 wounded stayed there.


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