Tuesday, February 23, 2016

El Khomri law: Valls wants to “convince the French” and “go to the end” – Le Parisien

While the unions meet in the afternoon to organize the response against this text, which they consider unfavorable to employees, he was invited to RTL on Tuesday morning.

“I want to convince that this reform is useful,” hammered repeatedly Manuel Valls. Recalling that France lives “for 30 years with mass unemployment”, he assured that this reform turned to “all those who are seeking employment.”

VIDEO. Bill work: Valls wants to go “to the end”

In the face of much opposition to Bill he stayed right in his boots. “I am Prime Minister, I am in action, what interests me is that the unemployed person finds a job, the SME manager can hire.” “I am in reality, I wish that the left and the social forces are in reality and the reality is to reduce unemployment. You have to give more strength and competitiveness of our country. ” “left to be is to look reality in the face, he has yet launched. Progressivism is to ensure that the companies it works “,

Manuel Valls declined to elaborate on the possible use of 49.3 to move the text to the Assembly. “This is not a critical issue, he temporized. I want to convince a majority of MPs, he explained, a majority of MPs left first. ”

“Why prejudge the collective intelligence” has he asked, calling for “beyond traditional dividing lines” and ensuring that the text “in no way deny our values.” “I called for a calm debate,” he pleaded.

Manuel Valls defended the content of the text. “There is no sacrifice when we say in this text the fundamental rights of employees. When we create personal business account that will give each employee the opportunity to build his career. “” The entrepreneur should be afraid to hire because tomorrow he would be afraid to fire. We provide more flexibility for enterprises and so it provides the ability to hire and therefore, if it is good for jobs, it’s good for the employees, “he said.

“I want to get out of a sterile confrontation from one side contractors and other employees, he added. I want out of a caricature of the company. “

Prime Minister reiterated the need to keep” the backbone “of the text, is not granted on the bottom but left the door open to some changes. “There will be amendments, amendments but we have to get out of a number of blocks”

While several ministers, including Ségolène Royal and Marisol Touraine, advocated more balance in the text, Manuel Valls assured that he had no doubt “that the text would be adopted by the Cabinet” on 9 March. He called “all Ministers to commit” to defend the bill.

“We must reform this country and we will reform the way” has he promised.

“Lawrence, I will go to the end”, he has yet to respond to an auditor, business manager, who asked him if he would resist “social pressure” for adoption of the text and explaining that if the bill passes it will hire about 40 people.

“A confusion orchestrated” according Myriam El Khomri. On the move Tuesday in Rungis (Val-de-Marne), the Minister of Labour denounced “an orchestrated confusion” and “manipulation” around its proposed reform of the labor code. “When I see that my law allows to work 60 hours a week, that’s wrong. When I see that my law allows not pay the penalties, that’s wrong. I think the confusion orchestrated here or there does not make for a useful discussion for our democracy, “said the minister.

 “It is of course necessary that we continue to persuade, to explain things, (…) but also pay attention to the manipulations that make things sometimes are not the text that I present,” insisted Ms. El Khomri who said he understood the “questions” because “the reform is to scale.”

 For his part, Mr Sapin, acknowledged that this “great reform” touched “to many provisions” and therefore required “explanation and clarity.” It also found “legitimate” inter-union meeting to be held on Tuesday at the initiative of the CGT, without wanting to “prejudge the positions of each other”.

Monday night in a forum on Facebook account, the Prime Minister had already defended the text and explained that “no change is to condemn us.” “We absolutely must get out of the rigidities that discourage, blockages that prevent and resulted in limited competitiveness,” he added. “I refuse these visions that consider touch a word of the Labour Code means organizing” social regression “to question the fundamental rights of employees, and should especially not to change anything.”


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