Monday, February 29, 2016

The anti-crime brigades now equipped with assault rifles – Liberation

Two hundred and four assault rifles, 1,474 helmets and ballistic visors, 1835 vests: the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve on Monday presented the new equipment provided to anti-crime brigades (BAC) of the Prefecture of Paris in the BAC-2016 PSIG plan.

the mere fact of embodying public authority, by the uniform you wear, enough to make you the target. Some criminals that you face no longer hesitate to use against you heavy weapons, real weapons of war against which you must have means of response and protection adapted , “the Minister said police officers present at the presentation in the police station in the 20th arrondissement of Paris.

the BAC will also be equipped with 241 flexible ballistic shields that with body armor will withstand Kalashnikov. Assault rifles HK G 36, issued to BAC, were previously reserved for elite response forces. These new ways, with deliveries spread until the end of June, also count 116 tasers (Taser), 134 defense ball launchers, 981 batons defense ammunition 25,200 short-range defense.

the whole for an amount of “ EUR 17 million ,” said the Interior Minister who was accompanied by the Minister of Overseas George Pau-Langevin. “ It was necessary for you to be able to replicate the Kalashnikov weapons fire that some criminals become more reluctant to use against you ,” said the minister.

These allocations are part of the BAC-level PSIG 2016. “ BAC and PSIG (platoons monitoring and intervention of the police, ie) should indeed be able to intervene as quickly as possible reinforcement of first patrols undertaken, especially when we are confronted with mass killings , “said Bernard Cazeneuve.

this requirement imposes a tight mesh of course, and a very fine articulation between police and gendarmerie, so that the whole territory is covered. That’s my main goal, and I would even say that it is my obsession , “he said.

Alliance wants the same hardware for all police officers

We will not sulk our pleasure on hardware that comes in and that was absolutely necessary. Now, we need public servants who are endowed with such equipment is in capacity to use them, so we will have to make a big effort on training. It will be the challenge for today ‘reacted Nicolas Comte, deputy secretary general of SGP-FO Unit.

The primary stakeholders are not that LAC. These are also the staff of the General Service and they will not have all these means “Fabien has qualified Vanhemelryck, National Secretary of Alliance. To this union, “” blue “is a separate target: we want this material to all staff .”

LAC The police had made in 2011 the subject of a study by the sociologist Eric Fassin, then study which highlighted the excesses, inefficiency and even productivity-against this policy.

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