Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Bygmalion: big mess in Sarkozy’s campaign accounts – Express

Mysterious “white notes” on expenditure overruns of Sarkozy candidate, apart invoices, documents destroyed … The investigating judges went from surprise to surprise. Revelations.

It is “rather a mess” between accounts and those of the UMP candidate Nicolas Sarkozy. And it is the former head of state himself has said before Judge Serge Tournaire, 16 February, during his interrogation, from which it emerged indicted for “illegal financing election campaign”. It’s not for lack of warnings. On 7 March and 26 April 2012, warning notes are supposed to prevent the UMP candidate’s campaign accounts threaten to explode. Unless it’s, again, a mess, with the appearance of a very mysterious “white notes” additional, dated March 6, which nobody wants to assume paternity.

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