Saturday, February 20, 2016

Orne, 4 young people kill themselves by car, the town in shock – Ouest-France

“There is no word. “ Daniel Prévost, first deputy of Magny-le-Desert, was struck, cematin. Like the other inhabitants of this town of 1,450 inhabitants, the scene of a terrible accident the day before.

Four young people between 20 and 26 years old Friday night BMW collided with a truck in front of the logistics base of Intermarché. Its four occupants died in the collision. Julien Pingault was 26, his brother Alexander Pingault, 20. Jérémy Collet had turned 20 a few days ago. All three lived in Magny. Jordan Breton was 22 years old and lived in Granville.

Magny, everyone knew Julian Alexander, Jeremy and their families. Julien Pingault, father of a little girl had been the keeper of the coffee market town before it closed in late 2014. A trade that his family held since 1982, first his grandparents and his parents. Their mother had been a municipal councilor.

A large empty Both had been members the local football club, AS Magny-le-Desert. Julien from 1997 to 1998 and from 2002 to 2003 and Alexander, between 2005 and 2006. The club also sent a message of condolences on his Facebook account yesterday. “Their death leaves a great void in this small town where everyone knew” confirmed Vaugon Bernard, assistant referees of the A team, joining “to the pain of the families” . The club will observe a minute of silence before the match tomorrow. That of La Ferte-Mace has planned to observe tonight.

This is Daniel Prévost who was with Claudine Bellenger, other elected the daunting task of notifying the families, Friday night. This Saturday, he counted “go back to see them, to know whether they need psychological support” he explained, referring to “a nightmare”.

“I remember their smiling boiled At the scene of the accident, the flowers filed in the day. And the emotion was palpable as at Magny La Ferte-Mace . “Young people have returned,” says Theresa Letinturier, Assistant La Ferte-Mace, and former director of the Notre Dame school. She was also on the scene Friday night. “As and when I realized that there were three of my former students,” she says. “I remember their smiling boiled. They lived their lives normally, they were playing football in the yard. “

Jordan Breton had meanwhile long lived in Folligny in the Channel before moving to Granville a few months ago. He was a carpenter in a company Bourguenolles (Manche). His father lived in La Ferte-Mace.

This new road drama brings to eight the number of deaths since the start of the year in the Orne. A department marked last year by the death of 32 people on its roads.


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