Monday, February 29, 2016

Details of the “reserve” used by MEPs in 2015 online – The Point

The “reserve” of some 80 million used by MPs in 2015 was published Monday on the Assembly’s website, with a split almost equally between support to municipalities and associations. Buying a lawn tractor, Restos du Coeur, or repair halls … This is the third time that the use of this reserve, which also have the senators, and made public at the initiative of the Socialist president of the Assembly, Claude Bartolone.

long perceived as a black box, it is always criticized, as recently by the “associated Taxpayers” which sees a “clientelist practice.” In 2015, members had requested “the allocation of 81.2 million euros in subsidies” on some 90 million voted appropriations, said the Assembly, which allowed, as in 2014, to return to the State 8.75 million euros “to participate in the effort to save”.

EUR 360 000 refugees

According to the general rapporteur for the Budget, Valérie Rabault ( PS), responsible for the management of this parliamentary reservation, the amounts were distributed among municipalities of investment projects (52%) – such as the purchase for 15,000 euros a lawn tractor in Vienna – and payments to associations. Every member receives an average of 130,000 euros, of which he is free to decide the allocation. The officers of the Assembly have 140 000 euros, the Vice-Presidents, Quaestors group presidents and committee chairmen have 260 000, the President of the Assembly 520 000.

the largest amount paid in 2015 came from institutional reserve of the Presidency of the Assembly 360 000 for assistance to refugees, with the same reservation also funded the Council of State (250 000) Jean Jaurès foundation (200 000), or the foundation “Energy for Africa” ​​by Jean-Louis Borloo (50 000). Some elected officials have chosen to focus their windfall on their common, like the chairman of the finance committee, Gilles Carrez (Republicans), top of the table with the granting of EUR 200 000 in Perreux-sur-Marne ( Val de Marne), of which he is mayor, for “works of local interest.”

beneficiaries various

others also favored their common associations or s’ finding there as environmentalist Christmas Mamère, the newcomer to the government Hélène Geoffroy (PS), André Santini (IDU) or elected or LR Patrick Ollier Patrick Balkany, the latter having notably released 70,000 euros for an association that organizes “getaways and travel for Levalloisian”. Claude Bartolone, elected in Seine-Saint-Denis, has contributed 190,000 euros to the town of Bondy for the construction of a sports field, as financing local associations such as the Restos du Coeur 93 or Little Brothers of the Poor .

the leader of the Socialist deputies – whose group has distributed EUR 39.9 million – Bruno Le Roux has supported sports clubs, Restos du Coeur, Secours populaire or like many other socialist elected the League of education. LR side, where the envelope was 26.3 million, the leader Christian Jacob has allocated 12 000 euros to his city of Provins (Seine-et-Marne) for the redevelopment of the pavilion sports.

as for the other group leaders, the leader of the elected left Front André Chassaigne has such dedicated its funds mostly to joint his district in the Puy-de -Dôme, also booking 2000 euros … the French Alliance of Santiago de Cuba. Among other recent entrants to the government, the former PS Chairman of the Committee on Laws Jean-Jacques Urvoas now Justice Minister, has allocated funds in 2015 with several organizations linked to the prison, the student association for Genepi the rehabilitation of prisoners.


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