Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mosque Lagny: the Council of State refused to reopen – Le Figaro

Mosque Lagny-sur-Marne, closed in December as part of the state of emergency, presented by the Ministry of the Interior as “a radical ideology home,” not not reopen

the State Council has decided:. the doors of the mosque of Lagny-sur-Marne (Seine-et-Marne) remain closed. The closure of the place of worship had been ordered in early December under the state of emergency, after several seizures during searches. Since then, leaders and followers demanded the suspension of the closure order.

The judges of the highest administrative court justified their decision by saying that “between 2010 and 2014, the Manager Association the prayer hall was chaired by someone known to the glorification of armed jihad. “a clear reference to Imam Mohamed Hammoumi, 34, who officiated at Lagny until his departure in late 2014. known Egypt for his anti-Semitic sermons, the man had “played a major role in recruiting volunteers for jihad in Syria.” The judges also found that the room had been used “instead of indoctrination and recruitment of volunteer fighters, many of whom joined the Daech”.

“The goal is not to prohibit Lagny faithful to pray, but to ban the group of faithful who infiltrated the organization to disseminate their radical ideology and form chains” of recruitment for jihad, argued strongly representative of the Ministry of Interior during the debates. Face it, Morand-Karim Lahouazi, counsel for the Association of Muslim Lagny dissolved mid-January, called for the reopening. According to him, the authorities and the men who took the mosque in hand in spring 2015 “have nothing to do with the past.”

To the representative of the Interior, conversely, “Hammoumi left disciples in Lagny” A view shared by the judge, who said that “the three associations who have taken over the management of the prayer room were led by some of his relatives and advocated the same ideology.” “Many people active in this mosque or attending were subject to output restrictions of the territory to prevent them from joining Daech” and “the faithful were also indicted or imprisoned because of their involvement in terrorist networks “has reminded the Council of State.

on December 2, less than three weeks after the attacks of 13 November, a major police operation was conducted at night in Lagny. Searches carried out at the faithful were allowed to get their hands on guns and propaganda videos for the Islamic State. Nine members of the association that manages the mosque had been under house arrest, and 22 others had seen mean their exit from their territory. The three religious associations who ran the mosque – “Back to Basics”, “The return to Muslim sources” and “the Muslim Association of Lagny-sur-Marne”, accused of encouraging the faithful to jihad, had been dissolved in stride, January 13.

in a statement released Thursday, the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said take note of the decision of the judges. “The Council of State confirmed that the activities of associations of leaders who ran this prayer room associations dissolved by decree of 14 January 2016, constituted a serious threat to public order and security.”


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