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El Khomri law: Valls lengthens his working time – Liberation

A delay to avoid withdrawal. Faced with strong protest demanding the abandonment of the draft Labour Code Reform Act, the executive has postponed two weeks the text Ministers Council examination carried by Myriam El Khomri, the Minister of Labour. Sign of a government sounding the retreat at a time when a petition against the bill approaches the 800,000 signatures and that a day of action is scheduled for March 9 with the support of the CGT? “The decline, it would abandon this text,” cut Manuel Valls Monday morning during a press conference improvised Agricultural Fair. “Since the debate is packaged, it must restore the reality of this law, said the Prime Minister. must raise misunderstandings, explain, answer false information. “ On Twitter, El Khomri it, justified the postponement as ” extra margin to deepen the dialogue with social partners and enrich “ the law.

the government had (also) need to take a breath. ” A strong signal must be given, welcomes the PS deputy Christophe Sirugue , tipped to be the rapporteur of the text. The question now is to what this report: really enter into consultation with the unions and parliamentarians, or prepare a withdrawal “ Opponents of the bill continue to call the second option?. “The Prime Minister will realize that the partners have fully understood the text,” quips Paul Christian MP, spokesman of the left wing of the PS. “The purpose of this fortnight is to decant the fluid sense, to see the red lines of everyone, do we respond in the entourage of Valls. and objectively Collectively, we must recover the positions of each other’s flat. “

” re-clean the text “

At the Elysée and Matignon it refuses for now to talk of abandoning the lower section. “You do not change the general philosophy of the text,” insist near the head of state, which specifies the areas where negotiation is possible: “Geographical scope of redundancy, level the capping of allowances to industrial tribunals and pass days to the unilateral discretion of the employer if there is no agreement. “ Exactly what should the CFDT … (read here -against). “Martine Aubry, when it moves, four people left the PS. The CFDT is several hundred thousand encartés on the bottom, “ quips a ministerial adviser. There are some days, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis already confided to Libération that her party would remain stalled on the position of Laurent Berger union. “We say that the reformist unions say” ensured the first secretary of the PS.

No need, in these conditions, tiring to get support from the CGT and FO. Both unions reject the “philosophy” text: that the primacy of company agreements. “Is that employees lose rights with greater recourse to collective bargaining? We think not , does one slice at Matignon. There are 38 000 company agreements signed each year in France, collective bargaining is a strong point of our social system. “

But beyond this “red line” government, many “cursor” including capping prud’homales benefits and the definition in the law of redundancy, so may change. “We will re-clean the text” confirms an adviser to the prime minister. A “other passageway” could be found on the day package in SMEs. And on the issue of referendum in business, the executive expects the return of the State Council to eventually evolve the device. As for the other “key measure” El Khomri bill, the staff of account activity (CPA), it could be “enhanced” do we also know Matignon. Whether before the filing of the text in the Council of Ministers on March 24, or during parliamentary debate shifted to May.

“Presidential Seal”

In the meantime, the social partners must be received by Manuel Valls, Myriam El Khomri and Emmanuel Macron. The Minister of Labour has already started the job. She saw the CFDT and CGC late last week, UNSA Monday and is scheduled to meet Tuesday FO. Meanwhile, Valls will attempt to pick up the thread with the Social Affairs Committee of the National Assembly receiving at Matignon, its president, Catherine Lemorton and Christophe Sirugue. Both PS deputies will have their own demands: a “withdrawal” of the article “30 bis” that expands and clarifies the definition of redundancy, “easing” to SMEs and “developments” on other subjects unpalatable to the Socialists: cap prud’homales allowances, penalties and learning. A list of amendments that would put the pieces of a PS group many of whose members – not just “slingers” – felt rushed, both on the substance of the text but also the form with the threat a passage in force.

as the deprivation of nationality in January, the executive seems to have underestimated the reaction of the left on a text which affects some of its social fundamentals. Which forced him to temporize. Holland has first attempted to clear mines – in vain – the ground since his presidential plane, explaining prefer negotiation and search for “a majority” on the text. Recourse to 49.3 tussle between the Elysée, Matignon and the Ministry of Labour on the strategy? “A collective expression clumsiness” weights close to President. Just back from his trip in the Pacific and Latin America, Holland has decided to calm things down. “This solution has emerged quickly Friday night. We want to respond by negotiating with a law that promotes negotiation, “ confirm a presidential adviser. The Head of State and the Prime Minister are called Saturday and Sunday saw at the Elysee. Load the second to announce the postponement Monday morning. The same who said last week he would “to the end” . “We had to reset a party completely through debate, the Prime Minister was the first to agree,” say at the Elysee as a mini-cropping, where we want to twist the neck to the idea of ​​a reform-driven Valls alone: ​​ “the text was refereed by Holland and nobody else, he carries the presidential seal from AZ.” to prove , the head of state has planned this week traveling on the theme of work.

Lilian Alemagna Laure Bretton


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