Sunday, February 21, 2016

The radars will stop soon land –



The radars  will stop soon land

                                 The radars will stop soon land


After the sections radars, airborne radars, red-light cameras, radars or construction sites … here the stop radars. The Auto-Plus Magazine reveals that this type of radars is being tested in Yerres in Essonne. They have the particularity to check whether motorists well mark a pause before a stop sign, such as forcing the Highway Code. Specifically, the device consists of a video camera and an automatic reading system of number plates. If the driver does not make the stop before the white line, the video is saved through recognition algorithms movement. Police, installed in a control room of the cameras of the city, then have to check the video and write e PV.

The automobile magazine also reveals that during testing, the radar made strong. 500 violations were found in half a day. To recall, the failure of a stop results in a fine of € 135 and a deduction of four points on the driving license. But this new radar does not only apply to stops. The device is also able to track the refusal committed to a pedestrian on a crosswalk when it does not have a traffic light. A first implementation is under consideration in Marseilles.


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