Monday, February 22, 2016

Angry farmers the homes of Le Drian Le Foll and in the West – The World

Stephane Le Foll opened the garden gate  before initiating a tense conversation for about  an hour with the demonstrators.

dozens of angry farmers protested Sunday, February 21 evening outside the home of agriculture Minister Stephane Le Foll, Le Mans (Sarthe) and close to that of his colleague Jean-Yves Le Drian defense near Lorient (Morbihan).

thirty farmers showed up to 20 hours at Mr. Le Foll, where the minister opened the door of his garden, before engaging with them a tense conversation of nearly an hour.

“How do I do with my bills? “, launched a breeder, while another caused the wrath of the minister by comparing it to his former colleague Budget, Jerome Cahuzac, prosecuted for tax evasion. “I do what I have to do, I do my job” , replied Mr Le Foll, a former member of the Sarthe during those long rallies.

breeders affixed a banner on the fence of the Minister with the slogan “We like our cows on straw” and a coffin which was listed as “died for France “

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60 to 80 farmers at Le Drian

“He was very surprised to see us, keen to dive” , testified to the Agence France-Presse François Thomelin, dairy farmer in La Ferte-Bernard (Sarthe) . “We had hung a hanged straw, he said: You took it right away . “

Mr. Thomelin, who said coming “in partnership” with the Union of Young Farmers (JA), said he wanted to explain to the minister “agricultural malaise” . “We have nothing more than pennies, no future” , has he summarized. “He said he is not responsible for much, which suits us halfway. “

In addition, between 60 and 80 farmers from Finistère tried to approach the home of Mr Le Drian in Guidel, in Morbihan, but were stopped by security forces of the order, reported the prefecture.

the latter was not able to state whether the Minister, also President of the Regional Council of Brittany, was on site or not. Farmers came aboard two dozen tractors, have a picnic in the city center

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