Friday, February 26, 2016

Britain: a funeral business suspected of theft in coffins – Le Figaro

The floor of Saint-Brieuc has opened a criminal investigation for fraud and theft against a funeral Côtes d’Armor, suspected of removing cellulite, the crucifix and even coffins body bags and then resell them.

the story could be included in the scenario of a black humor comedy, it is nevertheless real. Thursday, the prosecutor of Saint-Brieuc has opened a criminal investigation for “embezzlement, theft and deceptive trade practices” against a funeral company located in Etables-sur-Mer, peaceful town of 3000 inhabitants in the Cotes Armor


The funeral business Morice of Etables-sur-Mer displays closed door today . Copyright:

franchise chain funeral Morice is suspected of stealing accessories – interior upholstered crucifix – in beers from their own customers. Purpose of the operation: to sell them a second time to another family. According to Ouest-France , several body bags were also allegedly reused.

The case broke out in August 2015, when a former business associate decides to denounce, in a three-page letter, claims methods of his former employer. A preliminary investigation is opened by the prosecutor of Saint-Brieuc. In late January, a first coffin is exhumed in the cemetery of Etables-sur-Mer. According to the former employee, present during the operation, the interior trim of beer charged hundreds of euros to the family disappeared.

On Thursday, a second coffin, that of a young man of 20, was unearthed in the cemetery of Lannebert, 16 km away. Again, investigators find an anomaly. “The seals were broken, which is a serious offense,” said the lawyer of the family of the deceased Nicolas Orhan. However, this time, padding and jewelry are always inside the box.

A dozen families, who see themselves as potential victims have since contacted the lawyer Orhan Nicolas. At this stage, no indictment has yet been pronounced. “Witnesses and employees” have been heard on the other hand, according to prosecutors. The manager of the company, main in question, should be interviewed shortly.


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