Thursday, February 25, 2016

Seventeen opposition MPs ready to vote on the reform of the Labour Code – The World

These 16 MPs and Senator (14 Republicans and 3 UDI), which Benoist Appeared, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Gerard Longuet and Philippe Vigier “warn the government against any weakening of the bill” “goes in the right direction”

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the signatories propose even “to go further” and wish to defend in the parliamentary debate additions to the bill by means of amendments. “For truly free job creation, delete the single legal working and entrust its attachment to the branch and enterprise agreements” they write well.

They also intend to try to further facilitate the dismissal and expand the possibility of a referendum business.

the parliamentarians would also be “modify the social thresholds” and more specifically, “up from 50 to 100 employees the creation of a works council threshold and 11-20 the staff delegates” . They also call for “delete HSC, whose duties often overlap with those of works councils” .

The signatories of the platform finally been calling for “reform unionism” to “to improve the quality of collective bargaining in France and the representativeness of trade union organizations” .


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