Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hollande reiterates will not stand if there is no decline in unemployment – Le Berry Républicain

François Hollande reaffirmed Friday on France Inter that he would not run for another term if there was “no drop in unemployment”.

“I am committed personally . I said that I will be judged on that issue. I do not shirk it. I have this point of view there is only one word. I was a candidate for that we create the conditions for there is a drop in unemployment and there must be a decline in unemployment. and if there is no decline in unemployment, you know what conclusions I will go out, “said he said.

“I’m president, I’m for the period up to may 2017. (…) I can not be a candidate, I can be a candidate. I will determine myself that when I think of that will be the time to do this, “the head of state said.

” Before I prefer to be fully in my mission, “he said.

Asked about the possibility for him to submit to any “primary of the left”, François Hollande reiterated its work as president.

“I’m in Brussels. I am currently negotiating both the refugee issue, the presence of Great Britain in the European Union, I have to put myself fully in my task for the job, to unemployment, which must be absolutely reduced by the end of the five-year period, “said he said.

it excludes therefore be a candidate for the primary?” I’m not in that situation. I am President of the Republic. We are 14 months of an election, and I will return to this type of thinking, organization? But what do you think of me? I’m not the head of a party, I am the head of the country, “said Mr. Holland, seeming to close the door.

Asked about the feeling of” betrayal “of many its 2012 voters, Hollande said that the “worst (…) it would be (…) betray (…) the national interest”.

“the question is to know: do we want to govern or are we not to govern? If you do not want to govern (…) else is allowed to do what they call the dirty work. I do not do the dirty work I do (…) the best work that you can do for my country, “he said.

” I ask be judged on it: is what I would have done, or is it that I would not have done well, “he concluded



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