Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Christian Paul is Manuel Valls: “The takeover of the PS, it’s over” – Le Parisien

PS The left redoubled its offensive against Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls on Wednesday.

After months of standoff on the pact of responsibility and more generally on economic policy led by the duo Executive, after lively debate on the forfeiture of nationality, reform of the labor code carried by Myriam El Khomri completed fracturing the left. “There is an accumulation effect, denounces Christian Paul, a leader of the revolt in the Assembly and a signatory to the rostrum. There must awaken consciences. “

As an alarm, a vitriolic text, published today in” Le Monde “and co-signed by 18 personalities, including Martine Aubry and Daniel Cohn -Bendit. At the bottom of this implacable indictment are also affixed signatures slingers socialists, ecologists, aubrystes but deputies far critical but loyal.

“In the PS, there is no majority for this policy”

“There was a sort of takeover of the PS. Well, it’s over, “ignites Christian Paul. The MP for Nièvre says: “I think the takeover of the Prime Minister, who deeply revolted the left of the commitments, which is useful for France. In the PS, there is no majority for this policy. “Witness, he said, the vote on the constitutional amendment. PS 83 MEPs voted against the text and 36 abstained. “It’s still signal a clear commitment not to let” the rebellious analysis.

The reform of the Labour Code dig a little fracture. It is only see the success of the anti-reform petition, launched by activists and leftist activists including Caroline de Haas and Elliot Lepers. Bazooka or receipt of the PS section of Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin), when moving Manuel Valls, Emmanuel Macron and Myriam El Khomri in the city Monday. There is also the concern voiced aloud by ministers or by some Socialist deputies, who are not part of the rebellious group. “If El Khomri law is passed, the PS is dead,” warns Yann Galut, on Sigh of aubryste, which recognizes a “malaise among activists”: “At the last meeting of the PS, we provided support to the government under certain conditions. These conditions have not been met. “

What it will come out of this critical bubbling? “We were aware of each other and that it was necessary to unite this expression. For now, that’s a lot, “said Christian Paul simply. This little world is also active in organizing a primary left for 2017. There is nothing to stop time, but appointments are weekly working. Should we see a signal? Martine Aubry will jump to a meeting tomorrow organized by supporters of the primary in his city of Lille (North).

VIDEO. In an article in Le Monde, the left expresses ras-le-bol

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