Wednesday, February 24, 2016

At Le Mans, the farmers pushed to the water lance [video] – Ouest-France

The tone is mounted very quickly, before the Prefecture of Sarthe this afternoon. The intentions of the demonstrators were not, originally, say that again their anger at a situation that seems blocked. But very upset by the device very strong “home” that was reserved for them, things got much worse happened.

Après the actions of leaders of trade unions, farmers have spread fresh straw on the square. Some went to throw some brewed on CRS cord parked outside the gates of the prefecture, between two trucks launches water.

farmers first d & # xe9; to & #  xe9; straw before the pr & # xe9;  Prefecture.

Un dispersal order was then given by the police. Which triggered a stream fed rotten eggs towards the police who then used their powerful water hoses while throwing smoke. Rather awkwardly moreover since one of these smoke bombs landed on the roof of a building and began to set it on fire (which required the intervention of firefighters).

tires were then dumped

Around 16:30, farmers left the prefecture to conduct further actions in different retail sites.

They are currently (1655), twenty tractors Intermarché de Beauregard. And other sites are also covered.


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