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Labour Code: Holland he will resist his left? – Le Figaro

The former head of the PS, Martine Aubry, sign in Le Monde a forum vitriol against the president and the prime minister, denouncing “a sustained weakening of France” .

is the reform of the labor code reform too? For Martine Aubry and Daniel Cohn-Bendit, the cup is full. The mayor of Lille and former MEP ecologist – supported by sixteen other signatories Socialists, environmentalists and intellectuals – came Wednesday inflate already fed ranks of opponents of the bill supported by the Minister of Labour, Myriam El Khomri <. / p>

They publish Le Monde a bloody tribune to call the executive to “find” the “path” of “the left”. Beyond this reform hailed by the Medef and ridiculed by a large part of the left swathes of the policy since the Social Liberal turning undertaken in early 2014 and since the attacks of 13 November are criticized. “For some months, (the) disagreements have turned into great anxiety,” write the signatories by listing the “fool’s bargain” responsibility pact, the “distressing debate about deprivation of nationality”, “bruising of indecent speech in Munich, about refugees’ pronounced by Manuel Valls, and “anger” aroused by the reform of the Labour Code

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What follows this very stern warning: “It is not just the failure of the five-year looming, but a lasting weakening France, which is being prepared, and obviously to the left, if not put a stop to the fall in which we enter. “” too much is too much, “insisted the signatories in a formula recalling “the ras-le-bol, really ras-le-bol!” launched by Martine Aubry at Emmanuel Macron in the late summer of 2015 when the Minister of Economy had expressed reservations about the staff Regulations.

it comes after Camba, Royal, Ayrault said what they had to say about the labor reform. With her is always belt and braces

This forum vitriol is nothing less than an implacable indictment against this “line” social-liberal or social-reformist which neither the head of state or the prime minister do not want to deviate, promising to reform “to the end”. It is also yet another internal crisis in PS.

A new psychodrama? Not in the least, yet consider several socialist ministers and leaders, eager not to give too much relief the new rant of the former boss of the PS. “Martine is as usual ‘sighs a heavy weight of the Rue de Solferino. It comes after Camba, Royal, Ayrault said what they had to say on the reform of the Labour Code. With her is always belt and suspenders “A minister confirms.” Whenever Martine made an exit is “Wow! Martine made an exit. ” But its output still looks like the previous one. There is really nothing new. “

For primary left

There would be nothing new under the sun. Not really. We find indeed among the signatories of this forum some of those who argue for a primary left, Cohn-Bendit in mind. “Is Aubrey thinks 2017? That’s the right question. She never turned the page of the 2011 primary She is always in a clash with Holland line “analyzes an elected near Valls, not unhappy to see the” clarification “to continue to the left, between the proponents of reformism and those who rock in “the only outrage” sterile. Aubry Wednesday swept any desire to be a candidate in a primary potential left.

Nevertheless, critics of the mayor of Lille have put in boiling nor the Elysee Matignon or . Quite the contrary. “It’s normal that there is a debate, we react to the Elysee as calmly world. As with all legislation. “A healthy debate, at least in the short term, even believes a top socialist leader. Because, he said, “over the left yells, the more this is Holland”. In his eyes, the threat of the use of Article 49-3 to pass the text without a vote participates also this will to the left on. At this point, the anger of the Socialist makes it possible for Holland and Valls sculpt their stature of President and Prime Minister reformers vis-à-vis the French, since it is the French – and not the Socialists or the ” left people “- that both want to go in 2016, the last full year of the five-year period.

“Francois Hollande takes the ideas of the right to defuse”

“Provoking debate shows that we try get things in the country, “insists a close ally of President. He adds, echo the remarks made by Holland Friday on France Inter: “The president seeks to defend the interests of his country. It considers that its duty is to do everything to move the country “very close to an elected Valls nods.” If given the feeling that the French to preserve indescribable political soil, frozen in France during the fourteen months that remain, it is not a defeat but we suffer a loss. “a strategy that is perplexing to the government. “People tell me they do not know where they live. There still is a time when we will need activists for pasting posters “gets angry and a minister.

A line of difficult peak to keep

While its skyline is the 2017 presidential election, Hollande is trying especially to push the right and the opposition into a corner, especially on reforms that could propose candidates for the primary right and center, and the candidate who come out. A strategy that heavyweight PS judge ultimately “very subtle”. “Holland is both credible the need to demonstrate that flexicurity and the radical right of the project will never pass, analyzes the elected socialist. There is no triangulation. It incorporates the ideas of the right to defuse. He wants to demonstrate that the radical right alternation is not possible at least to one million people in the street. In time, he will say that the right can not add social insecurity to civil insecurity facing our country. “

In this context, the text carried by Myriam El Khomri should evolve. “This is the time to discuss, negotiate and move forward,” insists Jean-Christophe Cambadélis. Holland and Valls say they are open to discussion with the unions and parliamentarians. Open, certainly, but not enough to allow the right to charge them to unravel the reform. The ridge will be difficult to hold. Just as was the communication that surrounded the text put on orbit last week. “This reform is essential but has been vilified outset and at the same time poorly presented” lamented the president of the PS group in the Senate, Guillaume Didier, close to the president. The government still aims to adoption before the summer.


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