Monday, February 22, 2016

Paris attacks: Abdeslam Salah made a stopover in the Alsace region in the summer of 2015 – L’Express

Before being the most wanted man in Europe, Salah Abdeslam could be the most controlled man in France. The evening of the Paris attacks, police and gendarmes verify its identity three times while it is exfiltrated by friends to Belgium. The young Belgian of 26 years is not known to the authorities at that time. Three months before the attacks on 31 July 2015, he has also been a routine traffic stop, reported Monday Le Parisien .

It is the French customs officers who arrested him in St. Louis (Haut-Rhin), near the German and Swiss borders. Salah Abdeslam then rolls into a rented Megane in Brussels. His papers are in order, he continues on his way. According to the newspaper, the Alsatian town is only a “stage”. Because the next day he checked again, as revealed by the judicial authorities, Bari, Italy. He then boarded a boat for Greece. Three days later, he repeated the journey of 1700 km in the other direction.

Accompanied by a “smuggler” of terrorists

What did he do during that time and why he made a stopover in Alsace? Mysteries. But in the second test, Abdeslam Salah is accompanied by Ahmed Dahmani. This young 26 year old Belgian has been suspected of aiding terrorists to return to Europe. The man was arrested three days after the attacks in Turkey. According to Le Parisien , cell shows that he was in contact with several members of the organization Islamic State (EI) in Europe and with smugglers. He has since held in a Turkish prison.

Salah Abdeslam he has also helped jihadists disguised as migrants back to Europe? If its precise role remains unclear -it seems to have taken part in attaques-, investigators suspect him of having provided logistical assistance. He used his name to rent various vehicles and apartments. And the young Belgian was also preview the months before the attacks in Hungary, one of the crossing points for migrants. It is then with two individuals using false identities Belgian. Two men presented today as the real “brains” of the attacks.

In front of a friend of his cousin and before he died in the assault of the Raid of the conspiratorial apartment Saint-Denis, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the “coordinator” presumed, made comments disturbing. He claimed to be back in Europe with 90 people of various nationalities, ready to take action, by infiltrating refugee flows.


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