Friday, September 2, 2016

Bernard Cazeneuve reaffirmed the dismantling of the pursuit of the “jungle” of Calais – Le Monde

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the government will ” to continue with the utmost determination “ dismantling the Calais migrant camp promises the interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, in an interview with North Coast , posted by the newspaper in the evening of Thursday 1 st of September.

“We have already proceeded to dismantle the southern area in early March, and we have already started one of the northern area (… ) This should be done in stages, starting with creating more accommodation places in France to relieve Calais. “

The tenant of the place Beauvau went Friday on site. He must meet the mayor (Republicans) from the city, Natacha Bouchart, and meet with a group of economic actors of Calais “directly concerned with migration issues.”

“I can no longer hear, if that message, we will explain that we will dismantle the camp in several months “ , reacted before their encounter, M me Bouchart on Europe 1. ” the experience was made and the number of migrants has almost doubled ” she added, calling for immediate action and not “stepwise” as the Minister in advance.

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In his interview, the Minister argued that the government has already the dissolution of the northern part of the slum, through a “referred to shut down illegal sales outlets installed on the moor” . This process has been hampered by a court decision, he said, referring to the veto of the Lille tribunal to that request. “I entered the Council of State about it,” adds Cazeneuve

Meanwhile, the state will intensify voluntary redundancy by creating the end of “2000 new residential places in reception centers and guidance [CAD] and “places in 6000 reception centers for asylum seekers [CADA] . Since opening in October 5528 migrants from Calais have been welcomed in the 161 CAD scattered throughout France, said the minister. The government also intends to provide 5000 new emergency accommodation places for asylum seekers in 2017, which will add to the “10,000 places in CADA” set “from the beginning the five-year “

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the number of people living in the “jungle” of Calais rose sharply for two months. The prefecture of Pas-de-Calais announced on August 19, 6901 that they were now living there, a record since the creation of the camp in spring 2015. Several aid groups and a police union feel about them that ‘between 9000 and 10 000 people living in the slum. Information denied by Mr. Cazeneuve:

“There is today, not 10,000 but 6,900 migrants present in the northern area of ​​the Moor [other name of the slum] Calais. This is a large enough number to make it unnecessary to add more. “

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The interior minister also announced the deployment of nearly 200 men as reinforcements of 1,900 police and gendarmes present at Calais: “Fifty-four police officers at the border and two units of additional mobile force of 140 CRS, allocated primarily to the ring road and on the A16; which will redeploy the LAC workforce for the safety of residents of the ring road and the city center. “ These additional staff will aim ” to strengthen the fight against these assaults truck on the bypass “, he said.

Mr. Cazeneuve also indicated that President Francois Hollande will visit “end of September” in the port city for “lay the foundation stone of Port Calais 2015″ , and “will address this opportunity for all of Calais” .


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