Friday, September 2, 2016

The brief morning: Calais jungle, Gabon, Deauville festival – Le Figaro

Le Figaro reported on national and international news on Friday.

Cazeneuve. the dismantling of the Calais jungle will continue the government will “continue” dismantling “in stages” of the migrant camp at Calais since spring 2015, provides the Minister of Interior Bernard Cazeneuve in an interview published today by the local daily North Coast . He said that the area has 6900 migrants, while the associations claim that they are “over 9000″. The Minister is expected on site in the afternoon.

A thousand arrests in Gabon. Gabonese President Ali Bongo yesterday rejected responsibility for violence that inflame the country since the announcement of his re-election Wednesday. It challenges the “splinter groups formed to destruction.” The Gabonese government announced on his side having made a thousand arrests.

“Gabon in the fire’s edge

 Emmanuel  Macron yesterday & # xE0; Ch & # xE2;  lons-en-Champagne

Emmanuel Macron yesterday in Chalons-en-Champagne Photo Credits:

First public release of former Minister Macron. Emmanuel Macron visited yesterday at the fair in Chalons-en-Champagne. In his first public appearance since announcing his resignation, the former economy minister could actually measure how popular he is credited in the polls.

“At Chalons Macron measure his popularity almost candidate

Dilma Rousseff appealed. The deposed President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff yesterday appealed to the Supreme Court for a new trial and the cancellation of the historic sentence that was pushed from power after a highly controversial procedure.

Job Cuts at Philips. The Philips group will remove 230 jobs over the last two lighting production sites in France, according to a union source. The site of Lamotte-Beuvron (Loir-et-Cher), which employs 89 employees, will close, while in Miribel (Ain), 142 posts out of 260 will be removed to be outsourced in Poland and Spain.

The Blues are needed against the Italians. Less than two months after the lost final of Euro, men Didier Deschamps have emerged in Italy 3 goals to 1 in a friendly match last night.

“Winners in Italy, the Blues have well digested the disappointment of Euro

“the tops and flops of the Italy-France match Martial, Pogba, Matuidi …

“When Buffon transforms whistles La Marseillaise in applause

the USAinformations launched yesterday chain. USAinformations first news channel continuous public service, started broadcasting yesterday to 20 hours on channel 27 of TNT. Fourth news channel content in France, USAinformations is an original project, combining a radio, a website and a chain continuously, free and without advertising

“USAinformations. That values Do we see on the screen

“USAinformations: Claire Chazal present weather


-. Franco-German meetings Evian François Hollande in late afternoon meeting the German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the occasion of the Franco-German meetings Evian <. / p>

-. informal European Council of Agriculture European agriculture ministers are meeting today in Chambord to discuss the crisis that for months the beef sectors, pork and dairy. The future of the CAP after Brexit is also on the agenda program.

“The European ministers at the bedside of a crisis in agriculture

– the Deauville festival opens tonight the 42nd edition of the Deauville American film Festival opens this evening amid tight security.. Tributes will be made this year to US director Michael Moore, who will present a preview of his new film Where to invade next

-. Manuel Valls at the European Fair Strasbourg. the Prime Minister will inaugurate the 2016 edition which celebrates Tunisia and visit the University of space.

-. Bruno Lemaire campaign in the Ardennes The candidate for the primary from the right part in a public meeting in Charleville-Mezieres

“Primary right: The Mayor wants to” densify “his campaign and his plan

FINALLY, AS Friday, September 2:

– Happy birthday to Ingrid!

– There are … 79 years, in 1937, died Baron de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympic Games. 71 years ago, in 1945, Japan signed the instrument of surrender that marked the end of the Second World War.

Fans of the trilogy Lord of the Rings will honor the British novelist John R. Tolkien died there just 43, in 1973.

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