Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bygmalion also reached France Télévisions – The Point

Bygmalion case interferes decidedly everywhere. For several weeks it extends at France Télévisions, the point of triggering, in recent days, a series of tussles between Elise Lucet, Head of Special Envoy , and Michel Field, boss the information which must be added several journalists home. At issue, says Le Canard chained, a report on the financing of the UMP campaign in 2012 Elise Lucet wanted to broadcast on September 29, but that would have deprogrammed Field under pressure from Nicolas Sarkozy.

The owner of Special Envoy had started work on this idea in June. At the time, she receives no cons-order of his superiors. In the heart of summer, mid-July, program change: we must wait for the primary from the right on 27 November, to disseminate the subject, which contains, among other things, an interview with Franck Attal, chief of a subsidiary of Bygmalion (Event & amp; Co.), who, it seems, a lot of things to say about the former head of state … by shifting the programming, Field wants to avoid disturbing primary; he especially wants to give every chance to receive 15 September Nicolas Sarkozy the new policy issuance David Pujadas. In Sarkozy’s entourage, stirred the threat: if the report is not shifted, it “locks his coming”


<. p> Between Elise Lucet and Michel Field, the tone rises. The first accuses the second of yielding to threats. The case goes back to Delphine Ernotte, the patron saint of France Télévisions, which decided not to decide. Field, to try to stop the revolt that rises in the drafting of Special Envoy , cut the pear in two: he proposes to broadcast the subject on September 8 in a reduced version. Lucet refuses, but Field seems to force it: yesterday, the site Ozap announced that the report was indeed provided in a shortened version (26 minutes) Thursday, September 8th. Interview with Franck Attal listed. A decision which falls on the day after the court decision referring correctional Nicolas Sarkozy in Bygmalion case. Delphine Ernotte should soon receive Tissier Manuel, head of the society of journalists. Proof that the pataquès caused a stir in France Télévisions and the matter is perhaps not complete.


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