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Cahuzac trial: former Minister must explain the tribulations of his money – Le Point

After coaching the Paris Criminal Court on the track of political financing in the first day of his trial for tax evasion, Budget Jerome Cahuzac of the former minister should be explained on Wednesday tribulations of his money hidden in abroad, from Switzerland to Singapore.

at the resumed hearing, the prosecutor Jean-Marc Toublanc wished however to return a few moments about the shattering of the former socialist elected Monday.

the former herald of the fight against tax evasion, boxer at times, had savored the effect of his statement released in the torpor of the afternoon: the first account at his request Switzerland in 1992 by a friend was intended to “finance” the current policy of Michel Rocard.

this is the first time he said that this account at the Geneva bank UBS lawyer close by the extreme right Philippe Péninque served “from November 1992 to May 1993,” the financing of political activities of a man he hoped “it would have a national political destiny.”

While saying “certain that Michel Rocard did not know anything,” Jerome Cahuzac has refused to give any name to the team of former socialist Prime Minister (1988-1991), who died on 2 July.

It is not considered for this: a time mentioned in the press, the track of political financing had not been retained by the investigating judges. Wednesday Cahuzac repeat that “two payments” were made by Pfizer, remembers that “three or four” laboratories participated in political financing.

The President of the 32nd Criminal Chamber Peimane Ghaleh-Marzban notes that there has been only one withdrawal from this account. If this money is intended to finance the activities of the team Rocard, “how you pay the rent?”

Jerome Cahuzac has no answer, “imagine” that “these assets would be used to subsequent expenditure “, perhaps in preparation for elections. “Or it hits your version,” retorted the president, who is out to politely warned that the processes he describes “are the same mechanisms” that in criminal cases related to organized crime

. – ‘Test the truth’ –

Taking the hand, the prosecutor Toublanc responsibility of “inconsistencies” in the statements of former champion of fiscal discipline: he collects money that is not used he approach the labs but do not lobby …

the man who lied for months, denying the “eye to eye” of the nation and the president have had a hidden account until the fall in March 2013, ensures that said the “truth” in court.

“I have never used this money. again, this is very important for me, “pleaded the former cosmetic surgeon. He explained that the assets accumulated on the first account – 3 million francs, which today amount to some 600,000 euros. – Had been transferred to a new personal account opened in June 1993 at the UBS

“In this case, it is a fact, notes the president, things, you have recognized them when you were introduced to the elements. when you invoke the truth, the court hears what you say, but should the test, working on parts. “

the president warned that he would” go into details “to” understand “how a minister responsible for tax recovery in France could have a . hidden account in Switzerland

this account No. 557 847, codenamed “Birdie” – “one step ahead” of golf – which will be subject to scrutiny this Wednesday. It is from this account transferred to the bank Reyl in 1998, the funds will wander from Geneva to Panama, Panama, Seychelles, finally landing in Singapore.

This is this “sophisticated” fraud including former Minister must answer. For tax evasion and money laundering, Jérôme Cahuzac faces up to seven years in prison and one million euro fine.

His ex-wife Patricia Menard, who was also hidden money abroad and their former advisers, the banker François Reyl and former lawyer Philippe Houman, are judged with him.

the trial is scheduled until September 15.

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