Monday, September 5, 2016

Cahuzac: former minister on trial for tax evasion and money laundering – Le Parisien

P ourfendeur of tax fraud and account holder hidden abroad: the former Budget Minister Jerome Cahuzac appear in court Monday, nearly four years after triggering the most sensational scandal of the five-year
This is the trial of lying, that of a man of many faces locked into its secrets. Cahuzac, the minister who was fighting for the recovery of the state, while that “Birdie” had an account in Switzerland and was delivered cash on the street.
Interrupted few months, the hearing resumed in the afternoon. Before the Criminal Court of Paris, until September 15, Jérôme Cahuzac, 64, now gone from politics, is on trial for tax evasion, money laundering and for “minus” his declaration of assets by entering the Government in May
2012. the resignation of the former Socialist rising star in March 2013 and his confession in April, did rock the government, dented the “exemplary Republic” desired by Francois Hollande.
Cahuzac s’ said he was “devastated by remorse”, seeming barely carry the echo of the case in the political and legal world: the creation of a national financial floors, a High authority for the transparency of public life, until ‘publication of the declarations of interest to all parliamentarians.
are judged with his ex-wife Patricia Menard and their advisors, the Swiss banker François Reyl and former lawyer Philippe Houman. They face up to seven years in prison and one million euro fine. The discrete Geneva bank Reyl also appears as a moral person.
– Fraudster ‘stubborn’ –
At the trial in February, “the Pinocchio of Bercy” ran as mere “retired” , after suffering the jeers of onlookers from the deal a “liar”. A man “broken” for his family, but never far from denial, still explained in 2014 that “the mistake of his life” was to join the government.
Cahuzac tried to escape prosecution for tax evasion, denouncing a “double penalty” when they had already agreed to a tax adjustment increased by 2.3 million. The trial
interrupted, time for the constitutional Council to decide: in June, the “Wise Men” validaient accumulated criminal prosecution and administrative sanctions “in cases of the most serious fraud”
the case began in December. 2012, when the news website Mediapart reveals the existence of a hidden account, first in Switzerland and then in Singapore, Jerome Cahuzac. The following month, prosecutors opened an investigation.
This reveals the mechanisms of tax evasion “stubborn,” “sophisticated” and “family”.
Originally this company, Jerome Cahuzac, training surgeon, dermatologist and his wife jointly held a successful clinic specializing in hair implants before separating.
in the early 90s, the cash flow between rich regulations clinic patients and lucrative consulting activities of Jérôme Cahuzac, who, after a passage to the office of Health Minister Claude Evin, offers its expertise to pharmaceutical companies.
a first account is opened by a “friend” UBS in 1992, then another in the name of Cahuzac himself the following year. In 1998, all assets are transferred at Reyl.
When Swiss banking secrecy begins to crack in 2009, 600,000 euros Jerome Cahuzac has hit the road of Singapore, making a detour through a Panamanian shell company then another in the Seychelles, a montage with the help of an intermediary based in Dubai.
Ms Cahuzac she chose the Royal Bank of Scotland on the Isle of Man to deposit checks from English patients before opening his own account in Switzerland, on blurred background with her husband.
Even the accounts of the parent of the former minister will be used to “launder” the client checks the clinic. The money paid holiday in Mauritius or apartments children in London.
Once the goods sold, repatriated assets and the divorce remains Cahuzac for the test of trial.


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