Monday, September 5, 2016

Live: Sarkozy caught by Bygmalion case in the countryside of the primary – The World

Eric Woerth, MP LR Oise, who was invited to Radio Classique this morning, the question of the representation of women and parity in the primary is not a problem.

for him to sponsor a woman only for there to be a female candidate, “is manipulating” the poll. Especially since, according to him. “There are many women who surround candidates”

the vote is open to all persons registered as voters, provided to fulfill 2 euros for participation in organizational costs and engage on honor by signing the phrase “I share the republican values ​​of the right and center and I am committed to the alternation to pass the recovery of France. “

on RMC Nathalie Koscisko-Morizet says it lacks more than 4 parliamentary sponsorship and a hundred militants . Sunday, he lacked the sponsorship of 500 militants and five parliamentarians.


candidates must be supported by 250 elected officials, including 20 parliamentarians , distributed in at least 30 departments no more than one tenth is from the same department.

candidates must also be supported by 2500 members to date of contribution, spread over at least 15 departmental federations, without more a tenth is from the same federation.

François Fillon in La Baule Saturday. (Photo REUTERS / Stephane Mahe)

Very offensive two weeks ago with regard to Nicolas Sarkozy, François Fillon appeared to decrease by tone this morning in an interview on RTL after the close of the summer of Republicans in La Baule, where his rival in the primary right is rallying wanted.

“it’s great that Nicolas Sarkozy seeks to bring together, everyone seeks to bring together, but today the most important thing is to find solutions to rehabilitate the country “

He added, “. the rally is a second step it is the same with. Alain Juppe. His obsession with gathering leads not to offer solutions that are at the height of the country’s recovery. “

it must be cowardly as it does in private

This is the advice of Julien Dray Francois Hollande. In a long interview with Libération invites his friend to “get angry” .

“It must claim what was did and say how he learned, not that it was hard but how dysfunctional the system. this must lead to the overthrow the table, especially at the institutional level and proposing to create this modern France needed . “

on the menu this week also, the last days for small primary candidates to the right in the race referrals.

They have until Friday to get support by elected officials, parliamentarians and activists.

“Because I am a feminist”

the lack of women candidates would be bad news for Republicans, , which still has much to do at parity. Each year, the party saw its state grants be lowered to € 4 million, because he broke the law by having less than 30% of women in the parliamentary in 2012, explains Matthieu Goar, journalist World which follows the right.

Hello everyone and welcome to live this policy that we open to cover all election news for the presidential and parliamentary elections next year.

here for ten months we will tell, decrypt and analyze the debate and the electoral battle has already begun on both sides of the political spectrum. We will do it with you, your speeches, questions and comments on comments like we used to do in the direct World .

Why launch now, why live? Nicolas Chapuis, Head of the World Service policy , you will explain and answer questions about it in the morning.


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