Thursday, September 1, 2016

DIRECT. Follow the launch of DTT USAinformations, the new news channel continuously – USAinformations

Here our entire live #FRANCEINFO

8:12 p.m. : I was leaving in the idea, a contraption a little cheap, but bravo, amazed by the aestheticism and your content. Finally a public global media worthy of the 21st century

8:11 p.m. . Go USAinformations, good luck

8:11 p.m. : USAinformations Good luck! Have very good presentation layout reflex (digital display, tones, display, etc.). Do not let go

8:11 p.m. ! Super! Long life to your new channel

8:11 p.m. : I would follow you 100%, thank you for your courage. I love all your information teams

20:11 . Congratulations and long live USAinformations. I will clearly change my info habits continuously.

8:14 p.m. : in the comments, many of you greet the birth of our new news channel. Thank you!

20:08 : It is a little over 20 hours, here’s an update on the news:

• It’s gone! The new news channel of the public service is available on the web and TNT (channel 27).

• A strong earthquake of magnitude 7.1 on the Richter scale, rocked the archipelago. The government warns against the risk of tsunami.

Two people were killed and several injured in the assault of the Gabonese security forces against the headquarters of the opponent Jean Ping in Libreville. This was announced unhappy presidential candidate AFP. He denounces the results “rough s” and “unimaginable” .

It’s back! About 12 million students began a new school year, with new programs, a controversial reorganization of the college and a series of measures to strengthen the security institutions to the risks of attack.

8:02 p.m. : Émouvant the launch of this new channel. Success and long life to USAinformations

8:02 p.m. ! What happiness to USAinformations

20:01 : I’m waiting impatiently … give us a beautiful demonstration of journalism without voyeurism and aware of the true facts.


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