Thursday, September 1, 2016

LIVE – After an exceptional show, the moon and the sun split – Imaz Press Meeting

The Moon met Sun on Thursday September 1, of about 12:20 to 15:40. A good show that lasted over three hours.

  3:40 p.m.: The eclipse is over. Almost all of the moon is gone the sun. The next meeting between the sun and the moon and visible from Reunion will take place … in 200 years!

  2:58 p.m.: The exceptional show is gradually declining. The shadow of the moon begins to fade from the bright star.

  2:15 p.m.: To miss the show, we just all over the island on the best spots to watch the eclipse. This family made the way from St. Andrew to come look at the phenomenon in Barachois.

  2:09 p.m.: The solar ring is visible


  2:05 p.m.: At Saint-Denis, some observe the eclipse from the terraces of restaurants, eating




  14:00: Everyone is preparing for the peak of the eclipse, downwind. At Gol, the village is bathed in a dim yellow light. A group of Maloya sets the mood. People shout and clap their hands waiting for the fateful moment when the sun does more than look like an orange ring. In Barachois, everyone has the glasses on.


  1:55 p.m.: The sun now resembles a crescent … Moon, the Twilight

  1:50 p.m.: On the side of Barachois in Saint-Denis, the annular solar eclipse is a time we see her family! Steven even told his son that aliens would a visit to Reunion …

  1:47 p.m.: Glaglagla! The sun gradually disappearing, and the wind is not helping, it’s getting chilly in this austral winter day.

  1:40 p.m. The sun is eroded to 75% now. The appearance of the “ring of fire”, characteristic of the annular eclipse is expected around 14 hours.

  13:30 Some spectators made the trip jsuqu’au Barachois, this eclipse is a first. Between fear and surprise, Jean-Yves does not know what to expect!

  1:28 p.m.: In Saint-Denis, the clouds invite regularly depriving curious sun before the wind hunt again

  1:23 p.m.: The brightness decreased, the weather is refreshing, it looks as evening falls in St. Louis. The Barachois, the sky is clear for now and Dyonisiens enjoy the show.


  1:13 p.m.: At Gol, continuous observation, in all languages. German, Chinese, Creole, the village Eclipse looks like a Tower of Babel Thursday 1 September. Scientific explanations are also issued to some 3 000 people who came to watch the eclipse from the Etang du Gol

  1:12 p.m.: If the glasses are de rigueur at the time was observed eclipses using a piece of smoked glass … And it was very dangerous


  1:11 p.m.: In Saint-Denis, glasses are distributed free since this morning

  1:05 p.m.: Michel Vignant, the Observatory Makes welcomes 2,500 to 3,000 people have moved to the village Eclipse for this “exceptional” event

  13.00: For those who are at the University, it is also the “eclipse break” to enjoy this unique moment

  12:58: A quarter of the sun is already “eaten”


  12:50: At Gol, the wind gives a headache to journalists and scientists. With each burst, must use cunning to prevent the material flies away, or chasing protections cameras. Clouds also threaten to spoil the party, and a few drops are felt.

  12:40 at Barachois also the glasses was out to lunch break


  12:26: On the right of the sun, we begin to see the shadow of the moon will gradually cover the solar star.

 At Gol, everybody plays the game and respects the safety precautions by wearing his glasses, journalists astronomers. One member of a Chinese TV crew is even holding cosmonaut! About 3000 people attended the event.

  12:15: Even in the east, where the eclipse will only be partial, hopefully see the eclipse, as here in St. Benedict. But for now, the clouds of the



  12:10: The show started on the African continent. From first pictures are published on social networks

  11:50: Caps gratin near the village eclipse in St. Louis. Despite the presence of shuttles and parking relay, the axis which takes guests to the village located at the Etang du Gol, which also serves a commercial area, is bottled.

 4000 people are expected, and for the time 2000 curious, amateurs and professionals are already on site. Many islanders came with family, chairs and picnic, while enthusiasts and scientists have already installed their equipment to observe and photograph the eclipse.

 A forest telescope, binoculars and other telescopes has already pushed into the village. The only fear of eclipse hunters. Strong wind, threatening to move the devices, thus ruining all their efforts to adjust their equipment since this morning

  11:35: It is actively preparing the special town eclipse in St. Louis Between preparation cameras and implementation of the latest instruments, the frenzy travels the spectators as zero hour approaches.




  11:30: Hunting goggles , essential to observe the eclipse continues for latecomers in Reunion. In Madagascar as they snapped: 1500 ariary (less than 50 euro cents)



  11.00: The Oars – The eclipse will be broadcast through a partnership between the astronomy club Adrien Cadet College and Sciences Meeting, a broadcast center for technical and industrial scientific culture. Excluding eclipse, it is obviously seen that big yellow round, but the show should start around 12:20.

 Several structures have organized to transmit the event live, as the IUT in Saint-Pierre, which will broadcast the event on his Youtube channel, or the Museum of Reunion.


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