Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Fires ravage the Creeks, Aude and Tarn: nearly 1,200 hectares burned – L’Express

Several wildfires in southern France, fanned by strong winds, destroyed Monday night and hundreds of hectares of vegetation in the Aude, Tarn and in the creeks of the park south of Marseille.

In the creeks, the fire broke out near the Luminy university campus and had burned some 350 hectares to 22 hours according to the prefecture, pushed for several hours by a violent mistral towards Cassis, on the other side of the massif. Tuesday morning, the fire “on track to be controlled”, report the fire.

“The wind should be virtually zero during the day, this is good news,” said a spokesman for the fire and rescue service of the Bouches-du-Rhône (SDIS) while a strong mistral had fanned the flames yesterday. “The fire has changed little in the night” and not finally reached the town of Cassis on the other side of the Calanques National Park, he said.

The fire did not cause casualties or injuries and only some damage to individual buildings, according to Didier Réault who called the situation “very difficult” to 7:15 p.m..

800 firefighters and 200 vehicles

An impressive plume of smoke was visible from downtown Marseille to dusk and Canadair multiplied early evening rotations to try to contain the maximum loss. Around 20:45, they had ceased their ballet because of the night.

Around 22 hours, the mistral had weakened, according to the prefecture and was to gradually ease off in the night to fall completely in late night, according to Météo France.

Some 800 firefighters and 200 vehicles came from 12 departments are mobilized on this sinister located in the area of ​​competence of marine brigade of Marseilles. The city hall and the prefecture, in the evening, asked the people in some southern districts “not to go home” not to hinder maneuvers of firefighters. A gymnasium was also open to “people with difficulties to reach their homes,” had said the town hall.

On Monday, the department of Bouches-du-Rhône was placed in a situation of “unusual danger”, the first in several years. The temperature exceeds 30 ° C every day since late August in the Bouches-du-Rhône, unusually high temperatures. On August 10, a fire north of Marseille had devastated more than 3,000 hectares and 1,500 homes affected, 30 of which were destroyed. He stopped at the gates of Marseille.

800 hectares ravaged Aude

In the Aude, near Tuchan (Aude), in the Hautes-Corbières, a massive forest fire , fanned by a strong wind and extreme drought, also progressed quickly Monday night, having already burned 800 hectares at 22:50.

One hundred vehicles and 310 firefighters and gendarmes were mobilized early in the night to try to contain the outbreak.

No house was not directly threatened, but the fire has split into three languages, one of which was approaching in the evening in the village of Paziols, where he was asked residents to stay indoors .

In the Tarn, 50 hectares went up in smoke

In the Tarn, another fire broke out on the Causses, near Castres to 16 hours, burning about 50 hectares, said the prefecture of the Tarn.

The Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve welcomed in a statement the “courage” of the firemen and personal of Civil Security involved in the fight against these claims.

The low rainfall in winter and spring, combined with durable heat of summer throughout the southeast of France, favored the fire starts this year. On August 10, a fire north of Marseille ravaged more than 3,000 hectares and affected 1500 homes, 30 of which were destroyed. He stopped at the gates of Marseille.


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