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Manuel Valls, “sad” and “disgusted” by the statements of Jerome Cahuzac – The World

Read in The World – Bygmalion a real stone in the shoe of Nicolas Sarkozy

“It’s always better to not have to pay a criminal forehead when you are in the countryside …” , a grimace close to the former president in the wake of the announcement of its referral request corrections in Bygmalion case.

Despite their apparent serenity, the sarkozystes regret this bad blow near two weeks after application launch for primary tells Alexander Lemarié journalist responsible for monitoring the right


Manuel Valls responded Tuesday morning to the assertions of Jerome Cahuzac at the opening of his trial.

to the right of intox Weekend

Even before the start of stormy week, the main candidates for the primary right have succeeded in the gallery of summer Répubicains campus this weekend, where they stated some truths against raised by the Decoders .

“It’s not his role”

in an interview with Paris Marion Maréchal Le Pen National Front MP “regrets” that his grandfather, Jean-Marie, has expressed his intention to stand for elections. She added:

“It’s not his role and it is a shame that he lost in the political calculations that do not have many future. This is not the measure of man. “

read in Le Monde

Why the prosecution he required the return of Nicolas Sarkozy in Corrections?

Le Monde consulted indictment which estimates that “it was demonstrated [the former head of state] had given , knowingly, instructions in favor of increased spending, disregarding contrary recommendations of accountants “.

Quinoa-gate – Mélenchon is explained

last week Jean-Luc Mélenchon was displayed in Gala pages before a plate of quinoa, the “passion” .
a shot com ‘, now recognized the candidate for the presidential election on its website (the opportunity to thank the transition advisors on the matter) for “a political lesson” to “our agricultural model” and recall that “meat consumption is not a vital necessity in the human diet.”

red mud. – Cecile Duflot suggests Ségolène Royal to support the candidacy ecologist

Invited to USAinformations, the candidate for the primary ecologist suggested to the Minister of environment to change camp:

“If she had an environmentalist president she would not need to go on France 3 to say she was disowned”


in the program “Thalassa” aired last Friday, Ms Royal had questioned Manuel Valls for taking the decision to allow the end of 2015 continued activity Alteo Gardanne plant (Bouches-du-Rhône) causing discharges of polluting sludge.

Live – for Manuel Valls, asked on RTL requires that François Hollande “indicates the course on Thursday” on the guidelines for the candidate to presidential election it would be.

the head of state will give a speech Thursday at the invitation of the Fondation Jean-Jaurès and the think tank Terra Nova on “democracy to terrorism.”

the procedure should allow Hollande to outline his new role as the protector of the republic in danger, against terrorism and against a right and extreme right . ready to take liberties with the rule of law to fight the Islamic State group

Manuel Valls has detailed what he expected from this procedure:

“I hope François Hollande (…) will have the opportunity to make sense and be the guarantor of institutions and of the Republic and to show that another five-year term with the left is possible. “

Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet was the guest of Radio Classic this morning.

Four days of nominations for the primary right, she always battle to get all its sponsors:

She defended Nicolas Sarkozy, which prosecutors requested the referral in correctional Bygmalion case yesterday:

Direct – about the expected tax cuts, Mr. Valls, asked on RTL confirms that arbitrations will be made on Thursday, returning Hollande his trip to Asia.

“Arbitrage is not yet made, even if the log Les Echos very well informed” is -t he said.

the business daily said this morning that the government looks for a fixed reduction in income tax for the middle class to the tune of 1 billion euros.

line – on the Bygmalion case, the trial judge minister “unbearable” we can see a “political maneuver” , terms used by the counsel for Mr Sarkozy yesterday.

the family of former President of the Republic unanimously questioned the timing of the announcement of the Paris prosecutor in the countryside for the primary right.

Live – Manuel Valls on the Cahuzac affair:

O na struggling to keep Jerome Cahuzac. This kind of statement is made to instill doubt in respect of a man who has just died (…). I am sad and I would add perhaps disgusted. “

Direct – Asked about the statements of Jerome Cahuzac yesterday at the opening of his trial, Manuel Valls, who was a close adviser Michel Rocard, said:

We will follow Nicolas Sarkozy, who holds a public meeting in Poissy near Paris , 18 h 45, his first public appearance since announcing the request for dismissal correctional by the Paris prosecutor.

And we will continue to follow campaign of candidates for the primary from the right , and in particular race sponsorships small candidates.

Hervé Mariton or Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet struggling even to get sponsorship 250 elected officials, including 20 parliamentarians and 2 500 members of the party Republicans.

Many of you to ask us for details on how the election the following:

Primary right: the voting procedure

How many referrals do candidates have to meet? Who can vote? What is the timetable? The answers to the questions you have about the primary who must appoint the candidate of the right for president.

Today we especially follow maintenance Manual Valls who is the guest of RTL from 7: 45 pm.

the Prime Minister should be asked about the statements of Jerome Cahuzac at his trial but also last drop the five-year tax expected. According to our colleagues of the Voices , the scenario that “holds the rope” is a fixed reduction in income tax for the middle class of around 1 billion euros.

The final arbitration is however not expected before Thursday. Bercy and Matignon compete for many weeks on the extent and nature of the tax measure for households.

Hello and welcome to a new day live coverage of political news for the campaign to . presidential elections

many of you following us yesterday for the first day of this direct marked by two key twists:

Some of you, such as Nicolas Sarkozy advocates, questioned the coincidence of the launch of our live calendar in view of the intense news yesterday. Yet we assure you it is!


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