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In Calais, far from reducing the “jungle” empire – Liberation

They are between 6900 and 9100 in Calais, the government account or associations. The migrants trying to cross the Channel were never as numerous in Calais. On Monday, a motley alliance between road-owners, farmers, union CGT will block the highway to demand a date the dismantling of the “jungle”.

How does he resolve the situation Cazeneuve

While never questioning the essential – the presence of the border at Calais and not in Dover, UK, and its seal reinforced with EUR 100 million gates and cameras offered by the British – Bernard Cazeneuve wants to reduce the number of migrants in Calais and informed. Initially focusing on the fight against smugglers (28 “channels” dismantled since the beginning of the year, according Beauvau), an endless struggle, since a single migrant may soon replace the one arrested. Then using the exiles to how strong and sweet, the latter of convincing migrants to apply for asylum in France and leave the jungle. Three days a week, buses depart throughout France to the reception and orientation centers (CAD) to arise and seek asylum. The system has failed – some who had been promised they would not be expelled have been – but it begins to be successful. According to the state, nearly 3,000 migrants left Calais for CAD for nearly a year. There is also the law: sixty miners were able to join their families in the UK, a novelty for this winter, initiated by French and British lawyers and supported by the State

. then there’s the hard way: remove the shelters. In late February, the southern jungle was destroyed with bulldozers and CRS. Part of the migrants were housed in the temporary reception center, the white container camp built by the state – 1 500 seats – or part CAD. The other went to swell the north. But this perspective, far from discouraging, has not prevented the population to climb. Which swelled to 1,000 people per month, and 2 000 per month in July and August, according to the association Auberge migrants. The hard way, it’s also delete their places of life, all the shops and restaurants, highlighting the fact that they are illegal. After close sixty informal businesses, the state was dismissed the tribunal of his request to delete the others. Cazeneuve but does not want to admit defeat: he grabbed the State Council

Why exiles have they never been so many <.? / strong>

According to the associations, there are between 40 and 80 daily arrivals in Calais. And very few departures. The city is facing perverse: CAD are running out of places, hence the announcement Cazeneuve creation of 2000 additional places (in addition to 6,000 new in reception centers for asylum ‘ asylum, Cada). For months, we see the bus from vigils to CAD, migrants sleep on the floor of the Gulls street to be safe to leave. “Tuesday, there were 44 seats for 200 people who wanted to leave,” tells Maya Konforti, the Inn of migrants. Some who wish to seek asylum in France amounted to Calais just to find shelter. “Here, there are nearly a tent, blanket and one meal per day per person, sighs François Guennoc, also a member of the association. It’s better than a sidewalk in Paris. “ Some come seeking asylum from Calais because the response is deemed faster. She was still there a few months. The French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (OFPRA) made an effort to clear the jungle but services are now overwhelmed

Next, city ​​remains attractive: contrary to what Cazeneuve, we continue to go to England from Calais. “It costs 2 000 to 8 000 euros with a smuggler,” says François Guennoc. The figure rose also because Grande-Synthe is closed to new arrivals “not vulnerable,” and other camps in the region, and Chocques Steenvoorde, were evacuated. Finally, there are always people that apply only to England because their family lives there or because they speak English. Between a third and half of Calais exiles according to the associations.

Why Calaisiens have they tired?

in Calais, the FN vote is gone – it reached almost 45% in the second round of regional December – and exasperation rises against dangerous dams on the ring road at night (see page 21) <. / em> farmers see their trees cut, truck drivers agonize to be stoned, employees of the port demanding a listening cell. The State and the British also take for their degree: “That opens the border and allowed the English to get by,” we hear often. Frédéric Van Gansbeke, head of the Federation of Calais shops calling for solidarity: “Let every region takes its share rather than leaving 10,000 to Calais. [...] But we do not care of Calais, is not it? In the head of our policies, it is the poor people, those without teeth. “

Haydee Sabéran Correspondent Lille


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