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COP21: China ratifies the Paris climate agreement – FRANCE 24

The main polluter of the planet ratified Saturday, September 3 the Paris agreement. China and its highest legislative organ of the Communist regime has indeed voted “the proposal to ratify” this historic treaty to contain global warming below the critical threshold of 2 or even 1.5 ° C above pre-industrial levels , said the agency

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The United States, another big polluter, expected to follow suit in the day. US President Barack Obama should join Saturday Hangzhou (East China) for a G20 summit on the sidelines of which he could announce, together with his counterpart Xi Jinping, the ratification of the Paris agreement – which was one of principal architects.

23 countries have already launched the process

with the ratification by China and the United States, a huge part of the remaining path is fulfilled, the two largest economies of the world are responsible, between them, over 40% of global emissions. The Asian giant, which still derives over 70% of its electricity from coal, produces about 24% of global CO2 emissions.

The Paris Agreement, signed on 12 December in Paris at the end the COP21 was formally signed by 175 countries in April in New York, but each country must then, according to its terms (vote in Parliament, decree, etc.), ratify the text.

least 55 countries representing 55% of global emissions of greenhouse gases responsible for global warming, must ratify the agreement for it to enter into force as planned in 2020. at this stage, only 23 countries have gone to end of the process: especially small island states, among the most vulnerable, but represent only a small share of emissions

the France head

Meanwhile, french President Francois Hollande, was signed in mid-June a decree ending the ratification by France of the global climate agreement concluded on 12 December by “the first industrialized country” (member G7 and G20) to complete the adoption of the landmark treaty. This is the second European country to ratify the agreement of Paris, after Hungary.

However, the French decision will be taken fully into account when all countries European Union each have completed the ratification of the Treaty.

the Institute Climate Analytics has identified 34 other countries have pledged to do so by the end of 2016 (Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Iran , etc.). In total, the States who have ratified or about to do nearly 60% of emissions, according to the think tank.

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