Francois Hollande paid tribute to the two policemen killed by Larossi Abballa – DOMINIQUE FAGET / POOL / AFP

One day to gather. The president will pay tribute “to all victims of terrorism” on September 19 at the Invalides, said Friday the Secretary of State for victim assistance.

“On September 19, tribute François Hollande to all victims of terrorism in the gardens of the steward of the national hotel des Invalides, “tweeted Juliette Méadel.

Juliette Méadel said on USAinformations he was” today absolutely necessary to pay this tribute is a global tribute “, saying it would” place Disable “and that” all victims of terrorist attacks, all associations of victims will naturally be invited. “

September 19 is, she added, “a day which corresponds to an old attack you’ve known since it is the UTA DC-10.” On 19 September 1989 a French aircraft DC-10 UTA providing the connection Brazzaville-Paris exploded in flight over Niger. The attack had 170 casualties, including 54 French.

“I do not believe at all in the competition of victimhood”, further said Secretary of State. “The president’s speech responds to a need for recognition of the victims of terrorist attacks, a need for solidarity (…) we have achieved in our flesh, in our republican values. The Republic must pay this tribute and thus manifest its solidarity and support. “

On Monday, leaders of associations of victims of the bombing of Nice, where Juliette Méadel visited Friday had announced that France would make a national tribute, in Nice, to the victims of the attack of 14 July that 86 dead.