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Le Grand-Quevilly. A teacher tries to immolate in the staff room, near Rouen. What we know – Normandy-news

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 In the staff room, the teacher is Asperg xe9  & #; a flammable liquid (Capturing. xe9  & #; & # xA9 notch; Street View 2016)
In the staff room, the teacher was doused with flammable liquid near Rouen (Seine-Maritime). (Screenshot Street View © 2016)

Shock, high school Val-de-Seine, in the Grand-Quevilly, near Rouen (Seine maritime) . Wednesday, August 31, 2016, day of the pre-comeback teachers, a teacher, that would be 51 years old, tried to end his life by setting herself on fire . The scene took place in the school, around 11:30, while teachers attended a meeting.

The essential. A teachers School Grand-Quevilly, near Rouen (Seine-Maritime) is tried, Wednesday, August 31, 2016, on the eve of the start of classes, set themselves on fire .
the man, aged 51, came to participate in the day of pre-school year, would have isolated little before 11:30 in the room reserved for teachers and would sprayed diesel he wanted to ignite with a lighter. One of his colleagues entered the room at the time and managed to withdraw the lighter hand. The teacher was taken to the University Hospital of Rouen.
Why? According to France Bleu, the teacher tried to end his life after an altercation with the headmaster of the school. A police investigation was opened. The rector of the Academy of Rouen, who spoke on France 3 , denied the version that an employment problem of time is the cause of this tragedy. She indicated that a psychological unit was set up in the facility.

Saved by one of his colleagues

The teacher would isolated staffroom and would doused with a flammable liquid. “It was mastered last minute by one of his colleagues,” says Normandy-news a judicial source. He was evacuated to the university hospital center (CHU) de Rouen.

• More information to come on Normandie-news .


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