Thursday, September 1, 2016

Macron: the man who took the sea does not get wet – The Point

Released its “island” and now on the high seas, Emmanuel Macron turned to Ouest-France for his first major interview as a free man! Advantage, besides near the coast, offering an image less parisiano-centered and more popular, choosing the biggest draw of the regional daily press in France. Former Economy Minister justifies his departure and how it intends dust politics today

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No, the former resident of Bercy has not betrayed François Hollande. Despite what the president was able to assert. Despite Manuel Valls who evokes “desertion.” “It is not a choice of convenience, it is a choice of consistency [...] I decided to trust to my responsibilities, I took my risk,” says Emmanuel Macron who could not ” not build an alternative political project is the government considering the rules that the president himself has asked. “

And now what? Be presidential candidate in 2017? Macron does not assume. He prefers to kick for touch. In the manner of a Nicolas Sarkozy who pretended to be desired right, Emmanuel Macron is to maintain “discipline of time.” “Being a candidate is an intimate, profound choice, matured,” said the former Bercy. A beautiful ease in the use of language of wood that casts a shadow over his desire to “dust off” the way of doing politics.

“We are number”

But this is the first mission he assigns “dust off” the French policy of his “tired equipment” where individuals “just want to crystallize releases and who build artificial majorities suddenly small arrangements and débauchages [...]. Learn from the past: we will not share four divisions against two rallies! “.

It is objected that he is alone. He denies: With Running, Emmanuel Macron considers to be committed, “with many others!. For we are in number [...]. My movement, there are women and men who had departed from the political [...], from left, elected officials, the radical Socialist Party Party, environmentalists, people who come to the center right to the right. ” Still no program. It is too early, he said. Perhaps it is not easy to find common responses between people from such diverse horizon. Yet list of “big issues”, sketches of the future project, “the report work, innovation, high numerical processing, relative to the environment, inequality not only financial, the subject of the safety, that of identity, compared to Europe, globalization. ” Neither right nor left indeed! The man who took the sea does not get wet …

The not-yet Macron candidate is however sure of one thing. He will not submit to primary where the right slap on the left “of Pavlovian manner” and where “the left” has “the main argument to say: for help right back !”. Neither right nor left, neither candidate. Until when?


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