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Migrants from the “Jungle” in Calais, “Let each region takes its part” – Liberation

Fr & # xe9 d & #  xe9;. ric Van Gansbeke While Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister of the Interior announced Thursday the dismantling “in stages” of the “Jungle” in Calais, and the creation of 8 000 additional places of accommodation in France, Frédéric Van Gansbeke (Photo CD), pastry, president of the Federation of shops of Calais, a member of the Great Gathering, a group of traders, maintains a blocking project the A16 Monday at a snail operation with road hauliers, farmers and union CGT. They demand a date for the dismantling of the Jungle, which has 6 900 people according to the state, and more than 9,000 according to some associations. They are also protesting against the economic cost of the presence of migrants and denounce the dangers of dams that hundreds of these forms every night on port ring road and the A16 to get into the truck.

Why have you decided to block the A16, Monday?

may seem rough. We had always refused to do so until now because we did not want to paralyze the economy. But we have no other solution. You have to push the government to act if it will let the situation deteriorate to the presidential election. We can not wait. At this rate, in April, there will be 15,000 people in the slum! This will be unmanageable, even for associations. I agree with them to say that they are migrants who suffer the most. But the migrant, it is passing. The trace left by this slum in Calais, it is indelible. The economic situation is difficult enough without them, but now there is also an image problem. You remove the slum, you set this problem.

There are six months you not to claim dismantling …

Given that it became aujourd ay, there’s the dismantling who can get things done. Simple scoops lead to what we have today. Those who climb into the trucks to go to England, I can understand them. But that defaces tarpaulins, and that destroys a full cargo, it is unacceptable. I feel we waiting for a drama to act. But the dramas, they have already taken place! There all the time migrants who die, about twenty per year. Whether become routine, it makes me mad. What shocks me is that I feel that to take firm decisions can expect the death of a CRS or road. It shall be said: “Oh la la, you realize”

What solution do you imagine

There are eighteen months, UNHCR proposed a type of camp, which would differentiate the political migrants for economic migrants, who have, in my opinion, nothing to do there and those to be welcomed because they are fleeing the country where they are not safe. It has not been done. I met Bernard Cazeneuve there four months. I told him: “If you just dismantle the northern part of the Jungle, it will be great no matter what” . That’s what happened. a camp was hard with 1 500 seats [containers in the temporary reception center, ed]. Let us welcome these 1500 and divide the other in the territory. We have always asked that. Let everyone take his part, that each region takes its share, rather than leaving 10,000 to Calais. Assuming there to be 20,000 in France, that would never do a thousand region. What is 1000 people? But who cares Calais, is not it? In the head of our policies, it is the poor people, those without teeth. Except that I do not see myself stand idly by. I want this beautiful region of Côte d’Opale lively normally. I’ve never had an anti-migrant discourse. Migrants, it’s been years that they are there. My speech is anti-government. He did not take the right decisions, and it still does not take them.

Bernard Cazeneuve, in an interview with “North Coast” on Friday, announced the creation of 8000 places of accommodation, and a dismantling “in stages”.

“by steps,” that is what we have done until now. More are dismantled over there. When we dismantled the southern zone, they were 4500, today it is 9000! The method must not be the right one. However, accommodation places, I applaud with both hands, it is indispensable. It grants asylum to those who come from countries at war and dictatorship, and expels them economic migrants.

It does not solve the problem of those who want to go to England, and stay in Calais. How do you respond to the open letter of associations that ask you to call them with one move the boundary to Dover?

I agree with associations to say that France must require the England to take responsibility. The English hands a large part of the solution. But we know that France does not want to get angry with the English because they buy our exports. For now, it sees no solution except push England to 10 000 kilometers from here

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