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Presidential: in La Baule, the primary RS at the time of “blast” and “happiness” … – The Obs

This was the last visit family before the top official start of the primary on September 21. On a manicured lawn and under white tents, Republicans have made their political season in La Baule this weekend.

In a racetrack decor and small horses racing atmosphere. The opportunity for “large” candidates to swear hand on heart that the debate will not turn them to “fight”. For “small” to do even as if they would be able to present their “project for France” … And for activists, to gauge each other. Seven of the thirteen declared candidates spoke before them at the podium.

The “kamikaze” Fillon

There is a week for his return to the Sarthe, François Fillon had very hard with his formula on the legal troubles of Nicolas Sarkozy: “Who would imagine General de Gaulle indicted?” An attack deemed too violent by some of his supporters.


La Baule, the former prime minister dropped several tones. But you did not mean his critics. Neither the integrity essential to him to any candidate and some fail in his “The righteous should be one of the virtues of the right.” Neither the identity campaign Nicolas Sarkozy, he implicitly accuses of running behind the FN:

“We have a responsibility to fight the firm Le Pen And it must fight, not copying. the extreme right but just by being strong and the French right who knows what she is and what she wants … voters detect fine those who want to exploit them, “he cautioned.

for competitors, Fillon who played a bit at home – it is the former president of the Pays de la Loire – is now stalled. And ready for anything? “He has a kamikaze side,” says one Parisian elected.

POLLS. Primary: duels stand out, the latter rounds remain open

“Happiness” Juppe

In the train that leads to La Baule, Alain Juppé is delighted with his week . The favorite of the French feels good jump hurdles that obstacle course he saw farmers at the fair in Chalons, expounded before the Medef – “I was well into my boots,” he judge -. and toured schools for September in Bordeaux

“this reinforces my idea that people can be happy in this country.”

the mayor of Bordeaux criticized by Nicolas Sarkozy on his concept of “happy identity” is determined to accept and support this cleavage:

“I want a France happy, I dare say,” does launches -it few hours later in his speech.


They vote Copé, Mayor, Fillon, Sarkozy and Juppé. But why?

The “crystallization” of Mayor

Bruno Mayor’s gave appointment to journalists in a restaurant downtown . The diners a small banquet side with the middle groom that caters to its guests, very happy. The third man in the primary, distanced by the two favorites in the polls, believes in victory

That will come, he feels it, he knows it. He will be in the last days of the campaign a “crystallization” around him: hundreds of trips for two years, thousands of clenched hands can not not pay

Bruno Le Maire, surrounded by his supporters ( JEAN-SEBASTIEN EVRARD / AFP)

Tired of duel-Juppe Sarkozy, right-wing voters will turn to him, understand how he, the former technocrat who wants to remove the ENA, embodies the “renewal” … the challenger also put on the effect the announcement of the program in Sète mid-September to take a new course. Sarkozy side, it would be called a “blast” blast …

Summer University of Republicans: family reunion or of worms

The show “Sarko”

the “blast” in the Sarkozy team, one feels. Since the entry into the country and especially 20 hours of the former president of TF1 that followed, the feedback from the field is very positive, explain his relatives.

Even in La Baule, a land right western deemed moderate candidate electrifies and provokes the same lines at her signing sessions which are all shot trusted


On the stage the former president also promised him not to attack anyone in his camp, but throws a stone in the garden of Juppe, popular left in the polls, without quoting him: “I am a candidate for the primary and the right the center, not the right, center and left together, “Sarkozy said.

” When one begins to explain that well put some ideas left in a right-wing agenda, c ‘ is the shortest path to conservatism and the status quo, “he said, forgetting to move the follower of the opening it was in his time on his arrival at the Elysee.

The suspense NKM

she will or not? A La Baule, there are those who think that NKM key to the goal, it lacks only a few parliamentary referrals (you need 20) and elected (it takes 230 more) to win the Grail: qualifying for the primary. For others, the former number two of the party, at odds with Sarkozy, bluffing.

It is off the mark, but obviously does not recognize the order not to discourage wavering. At the forum, the member of the Essonne played the “woman card”: without it, “the primary will not tell 52% of which are French French that we are in a modern party”

<. p>
NKM distributes autographs, failing to collect signatures

obsessions Morano

It is hardly mounted the rostrum Nadine Morano has already started against the “barbaric” terrorist, radical Islam, “Islam of darkness,” the burkini, the chador, those who put “a full veil in defiance of the Republic and affect APL” MEP is … but applauded at a table, young supporters of Bruno Le Maire are burdened with the speech. His last as a candidate? Right, nobody imagined qualified for the primary.

The loneliness of others …

Not easy to be a small candidate, speaking at the podium on time where activists will make their break and the media are sometimes less attentive … Jacques Myard, Frédéric Lefebvre and Hervé Mariton lent themselves to exercise.

the latter, MP for the Drôme, s is posed by anti-demagogue, which does not promise to “reduce spending by the stairs and taxes by the elevator.” An allusion to the promises of Nicolas Sarkozy to drop 10% of the income tax in 2017 and at the same time of massive cuts in public spending over the five year term.

Mael Thierry

Lara, for “Obs”


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