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Sarkozy poses as convener at the end of summer of the University of Republicans party – Le Monde

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 the former head of state Nicolas Sarkozy, in La  Baule, on 4 September.

Nicolas Sarkozy took the Sunday speech September 4 to conclude the university regional been party Republicans (LR) in La Baule (Loire-Atlantique). After a weekend in which the various candidates for the primary have carefully avoided while clashing with barbed, former president spoke at length about the need and the dangers of the primary.

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” this is a major change, it is a consistent choice. When one extreme to that level, we can not afford to have more nominations [in the first round of presidential] , said former President of the Republic before listing the “requirements” of this election: “the choice you make should be respected by all. (…) On the division, it builds nothing. “

” I do not believe in a code of good conduct “

Before the militants, Sarkozy has reiterated that the eventual winner should not be “supported lip” and the right should not be a “in ruins” after the two rounds of 20 and 27 November. It is, cons, spoke against the idea of ​​a code of conduct proposed by Alain Juppé, Saturday, September 3. “ I do not think a code of conduct, I believe in good conduct” , said the former head of state who is committed to his own instructions: “I will not respond to personal attacks. Count me not to blow on the embers do not need to be stirred up. “

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Yet An appeal for calm punctuated by spikes in respect of its “former ministers’ ” I have no opponents, no enemies, I have only competitors. I will not criticize those in my government. “ or subliminal criticisms aimed as much at Emmanuel Macron, Minister of resigning economy, as Alain Juppé: ” If you told me we want to put a little left in a project right this is the most direct path to the status quo. “

draping himself in the costume of soothing leader, former president of the party Republicans flatters the party base while the return of the right was eruptive heated between candidates white by the prospect of alternation. Again, Nicolas Sarkozy landed in rallying in boss of a family he had, he said, found in ruins in 2014 after a “unprecedented conflict” between François Fillon and Jean -François Cope in 2012. A strategy put in place long ago. Former Head of State is convinced that the militants will be “the first stage of the rocket” will cause the rest of the opinion. And he treats his fans.

Signing session

Sunday morning before arriving at the place of the summer school, he staged at a book signing in a bookstore. A moment of very organized since the LR federation communications Loire-Atlantique had sent an email to all activists to prevent time and address of the library.

To win the primary, Sarkozy is counting on the rightward of the electorate. Sunday, he repeated his desire to legislate against the Burkini “on the beaches and in swimming pools” and against the veil at university to “protect” Muslim students the “tyranny of minorities” . And to justify his idea of ​​suspending family reunification, a proposal “inhuman” , according to Alain Juppé, the candidate for the primary embarked on an analysis of African demography, citing the “rate birth 8 children per woman in the Sahel “and” 100% migration to Europe “from this region. “It is inhumane, is to accept people for whom we have no home, no means” , said Mr Sarkozy.

“Do not shut anything. Cadenassons do nothing “

 a candidate for the primary right, Nathalie  Kosciusko-Morizet, September 4 at La Baule.

A few minutes earlier, it is the former number two of the party, Nathalie Kosciusko Morizet who spoke. The MP for the Essonne, always in search of its sponsorships, appealed to the militants. Far removed from the right-wing of Mr Sarkozy, she wants to support her ideas. “It is true that the primary, this is not necessarily our culture. But it is the culture of changing times. (…) We enrich each other. My ideas are not necessarily all majority. It is often the case of those who choose to be at the forefront “, said the former minister of the environment has always reiterated that the diversity of ideas would automatically increase participation:

“Do not shut anything. Cadenassons do nothing. (…) When ideas clash, the ego recede. When ideas are confused, the ego is fighting. “

NKM has until September 9 to find its sponsorships. It still lacks the approximately five parliamentary members and 500 signatures. If it can not find, there will probably no woman candidate in the primary of the right since Nadine Morano does not seem able to get them. [If so] , the primary does not tell the French that 52% are French, we are a modern party, in its time” , analyzed NKM, Sunday, Sept. 4

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The lack of women candidates would be bad news for the LR party that still has much to do at parity. Each year, the party saw its state grants be lowered to € 4 million, because he broke the law by having less than 30% of women in the legislative 2012. During this weekend, only three women including Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet and Madeleine de Jessey, spokesman for common Sense, were expressed as 29 men went to the rostrum. Mr. Sarkozy had words of friendship for NKM, but he has not called for the sponsor, unlike Alain Juppe that on August 15, said in Hossegor (Landes): “I strongly encourage my friends to sponsor Nathalie. (…) It would be deplorable that there are no women in the primary. “


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