Sunday, September 4, 2016

In Paris, the Chinese community voice their anger – Le Figaro

Feature – Thousands of protesters demanded Sunday in Paris “safety for all” after the death of a trader in Aubervilliers. In this city, complaints of robberies to the community has tripled in a year.

“Who’s next?” Asks a gigantic blood stained banner. Several thousand members of the Asian community, dressed in white T-shirts, demonstrated in Paris on Sunday to demand “security for all” after the deadly assault of one of them in August in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint- Denis). “Shaolin Zhang came to France seeking a better life, liberty, equality, fraternity, spear, Chinese, at the podium, a spokesman of the Association of Chinese residing in France. He found violence and insecurity. These thugs have destroyed our confidence in France: making our voice heard “

This death is” the straw that broke the camel’s back, “says Tamara Him, committee member support to the family of Zhang Shaolin. “We are easy prey because discreet, not speaking French well, often undocumented, she explains. And then there is this prejudice that want us all to be rich merchants … Today, we want to show that we are no longer silent, much less weak! “Three youths, including two minors, were detained last Wednesday. In view of the first elements of the investigation, “Our premise, a heinous crime based on racial prejudice, is confirmed, says Mr. Vincent Fillola, family lawyer Zhang Shaolin and the surviving victim. We will fight for this aggravating circumstance of racist act is recognized. “

” Security, security! “Hoarse a young man perched on a tank. In Aubervilliers, complaints of robberies for the Chinese community, well established in the People’s Commune, have tripled in one year, from 35 to 105. “This figure is largely underestimated !, exclaims Tamara Him. On our social networks, there are six attacks per day “, except that” Asians dare not even complain “.” These last five years, attacks have increased, says Dong, a saleswoman in a clothing store in Aubervilliers . I had total: Flight my bag in my car theft, burglary of my apartment. The police did not even move. And the police, they tell us to come back later … “At his side, a young woman assures that” the only solution is to go out without purse or laptop. ” Tobacconist in Draveil (Essonne), Chang Yu laments “a France that changed”: “There are still a few years, everyone said hello !, he recalls. Today, all members of my family have already been mugged. As for women, they are dealing with whores … “

Fifteen local elected defining themselves as” Asians “have published an article on the denouncing an” anti-Asian racism. ” “Shaolin Zhang died because he was Chinese, a victim of the myth that Chinese possess the species on it, they write. Like Ilan Halimi died because he was Jewish, because the family of a Jew would necessarily rich and provide the ransom. “

At the gathering place of the Republic, it was also the elected officials of all stripes. “In Aubervilliers, there are people who have not seen a policeman in months!” Is moved Meriem Derkaoui, Communist mayor, who hopes “a doubling of the workforce.” Valérie Pécresse, the RS President of the Regional Council of Ile-de-France, promises her “proof of love”. “Hand in hand, the left, right, we will create a safety shield for all!” She cries. A “convention state-region” will soon be signed with the Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve.


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