Thursday, January 28, 2016

A gunman arrested at Disneyland Paris – Liberation

A man with two arms and a Koran was arrested Thursday in a hotel of Disneyland Paris, east of the capital, while France saw in the jihadist threat after the attacks of 2015.

The very first elements of the investigation do not appear to move towards a terrorist track, do you however said a police source. The terrorism prosecutor had not been seized of this matter later in the day.

The scene happened at the Hotel New York, near the first private tourist site in Europe with 14.8 million visitors in 2015, based in Seine-et-Marne.

The man, whose girlfriend is sought, was “spotted arriving at the hotel in the Disneyland site where he had a reservation. ” “The portal has come to its passage” , said another police source. “The hotel security found on him two handguns, a Koran and cartridges” , continued the first police source. The Quran was in French, according to these sources.

Called to the scene, the police arrested the man early in the afternoon and placed in custody at the judicial police of Versailles, which is before the investigation. A security perimeter was set up around the vehicle.

According to the earliest investigations, man, resident in Paris as the papers he had on him, have told investigators that he was armed because he feared for his safety. His partner is sought. A woman arrested in the Paris region was released: After verification, it was not the wife of the suspect. No details on the identity and profile armed man and his companion were immediately available.

Fake phone alerts

Large color red brick hotel and beige, the New York hotel is not far from “Disney Village”. Access to the hotel was blocked late Thursday afternoon by a cordon of five policemen at the gate of the parking lot.

The most frequented tourist places are identified as sensitive sites, while France lives under the threat of jihadist attacks after the attacks in January and November 2015.

Minister Interior Bernard Cazeneuve has also said on Thursday that 2016 showed “all risk” that terrorist 2015. According to him, the “threat” terrorist is “at least as serious, if not more, that in November” when the attacks had done 130 dead in Paris and Saint-Denis.

On January 7, a year to the day after the attack against Charlie Hebdo, a man identified as a Tunisian named Tarek Belgacem had tried to attack a police station Parisian brandishing a butcher’s cleaver. Also equipped with a dummy explosive device he had been shot by police. A jihadist claim including a profession of faith in favor of the organization Islamic state (EI) had been found on him.

This week, two days apart, Parisian high schools were the subject false alerts parcel bomb and telephone threats. Thursday Similarly, six high schools in the capital have received threatening phone calls in the morning. They resumed their “normal operation” but surveillance is maintained, announced in the afternoon the Rector of Paris. The Paris prosecutor’s office opened an investigation for destroying threats, entrusted to the territorial security of Paris.

In the UK, where schools were also threatened Tuesday, police were investigating Thursday on new calls Anonymous for 14 schools in the Birmingham area (center). And four schools in Merton, south-west London, were evacuated on Thursday for the same reasons, according to local media. France and the UK, which are part of the coalition led by the United States against the IE in Iraq and Syria, have been referred this weekend by a propaganda video of the jihadist organization.



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