Saturday, January 23, 2016

Spain’s Socialists refuse Podemos requirements to form a government – The World

The secretary general of the Socialist  party Spanish Worker (PSOE), Pablo Sanchez, 22  January.

The end of the political stalemate seems far away in Spain, where the discussion between the anti-austerity party Podemos and Socialist Party (PSOE) to form a coalition government Saturday, January 23 took a very bad turn.

Friday evening, when the outgoing head of government Mariano Rajoy announced he was throwing in the towel , majority of fault, Podemos had tried to get ahead of the PSOE by publicly putting his requirements to participate in a government. Its leader, Pablo Iglesias, was particularly demanded the vice-presidency of the government for himself, four ministries words to his troops and the integration of two other left formations (civic platform Comu In Podem and ecological Communist United Left), spicing his heartfelt proposal tackles against socialists who may not be “able to put into practice what they say” .

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“Blackmail” and “humiliation”

An attitude his Socialist counterpart Pedro Sanchez has described Saturday’s “blackmail” , in a statement which permit a glimpse of the state of tension between the two major left formations, came second and third respectively in the general election of 20 December.

M. Sanchez explained that in the current situation, he did not “enter into negotiations with other political forces to try to find a stable alternative government and even less when they are conducted through blackmail and making spend partisan interests before those of citizens “. He added that for “build a new country project” , it was necessary to agree on priority “practical policies and ideas” , not ” tactics, partisan interests or [decisions] unilaterally imposed “.

The owner of the PSOE seems to have taken into account the reluctance of some of the party barons, who had judged “insulting” or “humiliating” how Iglesias had submitted its offer. Friday, he had nevertheless found that “voters would not understand if, Pablo and I, we do not reach an agreement” .

continued blocking

On the right, despite its announcement Friday, Mariano Rajoy assures continue to work towards a political alliance with the socialists and Ciudadanos to form a majority coalition, the option in his “most reasonable” .

The Socialists do not appear to be of the same mind as they responded by asking Mr. Rajoy to try to gather a majority in Parliament by forming a government (meaning without him) or waive permanently.

The PSOE ensures however “maintain a dialogue” with all political forces to ” assess the situation “. General Secretary Pablo Sanchez has indicated Saturday on Twitter that he had spoken with the leader of the small Liberal Party Ciudadanos Albert Rivera, and they would remain “in touch in the coming days” .


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