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Hidalgo proposes to reduce to seventeen the number of districts in Paris – Le Monde

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Map of the districts of Paris, after the  1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th districts merged

Paris will be only seventeen districts in 2020. This is the wish of Anne Hidalgo. The mayor of Paris wants to merge the 1 st 2 th 3 th and 4 th to do make one. A recent seven-page memo written by the Parisian executive, as Le Monde has obtained, details the mini-revolution project of the organization of the capital and two other projects undertaken to give new powers to the mayor of Paris and reorganize the administration.

“It is not to remove the arrondissement [factual current postal codes would not be modified] but simply unify political representation and administrative organization of the least populated “, the document says.

” The inhabitants of the districts close would be represented from 2020 by a board of districts (…), chaired by borough mayor or Mayor sector “.”

Merge central districts respond, according to the document, the concern of “better democratic representation” the Parisians. The note is careful to emphasize that this merger “would be neutral on the current political balance between the majority and opposition” at the Council of Paris.

View of the Sacred Heart, December 9, 2014.  The mayor of Paris proposes to merge the first  four arrondissements.

“Capacity Building”

Based on the results of the first round of municipal elections in 2014, the report left / right will find no change compared to the current situation both on the entire Paris region, but also for grouping the four districts of the center “, adds the note. The reconciliation between the 1 st 2 th 3 th and 4 th districts would maintain “nine mayors of eight against the majority of the opposition.”

Another scenario is discussed in the document: the approximation of the 5 th 6 th 7 th 8 th and 9 th . But it is a priori ruled out since it may “to change the political balance in the Council of Paris, for the majority current municipal “ highlights the note. The council also wants a ” capacity borough mayors skills “, particularly in terms of cleanliness.

All of these proposals from the conclusions of the working group set up in October by the city to consider redesigning the status of the capital. These proposals should be voted in the districts before being submitted to the Paris Council on 15 and 16 February. “ The next Paris Board will propose to the government guidelines to be submitted to parliament in 2016″ specifies the note



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