Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Terrorism: Bernard Cazeneuve says “11 attacks were foiled in 2015″ – MetroNews

Guest of the program “C Policy” on France 5, Sunday, January 24, Bernard Cazeneuve assured that for the year 2015, in France, “eleven attacks were foiled.” The Minister of Interior has detailed two of them, claiming to have avoided “a killing in the streets” and an attack “against a concert in a theater.”

failed bombings which methods very similar to those known at Paris on 13 November, and which were 130 victims.

Extension of the state of emergency

Bernard Cazeneuve was then asked about the possible extension of the state of emergency. The minister estimated necessary as a “tool in the fight against terrorism, among others implemented”.

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“When I fall asleep and I dream, I would not dream of a state of emergency, but a country that has regained its serenity, and won its war against terrorism. The state of emergency is not an end but a means, “concluded Bernard Cazeneuve.

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