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The Left wants a primary PS from Holland to Mélenchon – Liberation

For them, it is also yes. Gathered Saturday in a hall of the National Assembly in Paris, the representatives of the Left Socialist Party had unanimously adopted a “ primary appeal to citizens of the left ‘,’ only way left to prevent the wreck we fear in the presidential election of 2017 . ” Very critical of the economic and social policy Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls, this current advantage of the recent call for the organization of a primary “ Left and Ecology ” launched there are three . weeks in Libération to ask the PS of “ respect its statutes

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Primary for the Socialists, it is an obligation, not an option ,” recalls Christian Paul, the leader of this current which weighs about one third of the PS since the last convention of Poitiers. The MP for Nièvre thus refers to Article 5.3.1 of the statutes of the party where one can read that “ the candidate for President of the Republic is appointed through open primary citizens in all citizens . ”

After having challenged the government’s economic policy in the National Assembly, the left wing of the PS then passes a critical milestone in Holland, believing in more than a year of presidential elections, that “ no automaticity in the application of the outgoing president .” “ There is no obvious natural candidate , says deputy of Paris Pascal Cherki. ! But if in the end it is Holland who wins this primary, we will support Holland “In their ranks, two people already explained that they could participate in such a designation: Senator Marie de Paris -Noëlle Lienemann and MP for Yvelines and former Dutch minister Benoît Hamon.

From Holland to Mélenchon

The primary, according to them, is to compile the left around a candidate of a project, to avoid dispersion in the 1st round and be sure to attend the second. It should therefore be “ open to everyone ,” Paul said. “ This is going to Holland to Mélenchon ,” he continues. Although the former Left Front candidate for president already he would not go? “ I wish Jean-Luc Mélenchon did not let himself be isolated by a powerful citizens’ movement ” replied the deputy.

Cherki, socialists must also engage in primary to not let the right one in this market this fall. “ Do not make the same mistake as in 2011 when Sarkozy denigrated primary which then allowed the tremendous momentum leading to the victory of Francois Hollande ,” he explains. Christian Paul sees an opportunity to “ prevent Manuel Valls will preempt the program of the presidential “: “ It is the interest of everyone, including the president of the Republic, leaving a minority of PS, liberal and authoritarian, take control of the situation “complains Paul. With several of his comrades, it will be Wednesday night at the Bellevilloise, in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, to attend the first evening debate of the call originators “Our Primary” and in pushing the PS first secretary, Jean Christophe Cambadélis to enforce the rules of the party. Which could bring a first response element Sunday in closure of the meeting of the secretaries of socialist sections, organized in Paris, House of Mutuality.

Call for citizen primaries left

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