Sunday, January 24, 2016

In Calais, migrants occupy a ferry sidelines of a demonstration of support – The World

Dozens of migrants reached Saturday, January 23 to bring aboard a ferry in the port of Calais (Pas-de-Calais) following a peaceful demonstration in the city. They assured that they wanted to join their families in Britain.

The event, at which some 2,000 people expressed their “solidarity” with migrants and expose their reception conditions, took place in the quiet between 14 h and 16 h 30.

At the time of dispersing the demonstrators, a group of Afghans began to speak into the microphone Pashto who had served in the procession. “We did not know what they were saying, and we saw them go running to the port , observed a demonstrator. In fact, they took advantage of a small gap in the fence to enter the port and boarded a ferry “, said the same protester, adding that the police, in this number, “did not understand what was happening” .

In fact there are around 30-40 migrants who boarded the ferry. They stayed a while before the police turn up. Reached by telephone, one of the Afghans struggling to be heard in the cries caused by the massive arrival of police. “We are 70 on board, we want to go in Britain” , he repeated while obviously chaos reigned around him. “We expect to spend because our families are in Britain and we want to join the” , he added before the conversation is abruptly interrupted.

The prefecture said his side a group of 500 people forced the CRS dam towards the port, and that 150 people had been able to get into the enclosure. The nearly dozen migrants who managed to get on board this ship emptied of passengers blocked in the early evening the access gateway, preventing CRS for a while to get on board. Finally, migrants were evacuated by the police in the evening, according to the port authorities, whose activity had been suspended for security reasons.

information that a migrant was killed in the evacuation was denied to World by the prefecture of Pas-de-Calais.

A “human tragedy”

Earlier, the mayor (LR) of Calais Natacha Bouchart was found at the end of the event “serious misbehavior [...] in the city center, in particular Place d’Armes where the statue of General De Gaulle and Yvonne Vendroux was tagged “.

The demonstrators, English, French, Belgians or Italians had gathered peacefully ” solidarity and to denounce inactivity of the French State which is unwilling to provide a better life for refugees “, as stated Rino, an Italian student of 22, came from Paris by bus and for whom “a human tragedy” is played Calais.

On January 11, a temporary reception center (CAP) consisting of 125 12-seat heated containers can accommodate 1,500 migrants has yet opened in Calais. But for John the Baptist, “not sufficient”: “There is a humanitarian emergency, we demand decent reception conditions” . “No jungle, no jungle” , chanted migrants who took part in the demonstration. “Here we live in a way worse than animals! “, has protested Wali, an Afghan immigrant who lives in the” jungle “, this slum located near the ring road porturaire survive where some 4000 people.

” Refugees welcome “, ” Calais, Lesbos, Lampedusa, our borders kill “, ” Open the borders, let them enter “, could be read on placards brandished by the demonstrators, among whom paraded several collectives of undocumented migrants and some political leaders, such as former NPA candidate Philippe Poutou presidential or ecologist MEP Karima Delli.


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