Friday, January 22, 2016

Paris: cold death SDF requested a hosting site – Le Parisien

That night, temperatures dropped well below zero.

The man in poor health died of cardio-respiratory arrest. Relief, alerted by an employee of the parking lot, did try to revive him in the morning practicing CPR. In vain. The death of the unfortunate was found shortly before 7 am.

An autopsy will be performed to clarify the causes of death. The man was hospitalized two days earlier, on January 19, but it is unclear why this passage among physicians.

Michal was a “familiar” of this parking lot where he was found in the middle his meager belongings: clothes, some food, various papers, a few chairs. He was installed, sitting on a chair, wrapped in his blue blanket where the vigil, worried by the immobility of the SDF, warned relief.

“A senseless and irresponsible policy”

The association Children of the canal, which helps the homeless, said the victim had requested an emergency accommodation with state services from December 9, 2015 . The prefecture has confirmed this element. The association does not hide his dismay. “We are deeply saddened to announce the death of Michal, she wrote on her website. Words fail us to shout our anger. His disappearance, like those of hundreds of people each year, is not inevitable but the result of a senseless and irresponsible policy. “

Michal is not a” flunk “of 115, the emergency number, often overwhelmed. He was followed by the integrated service of welcome and orientation (SIAO). It is this procedure that has obviously been slow to find accommodation to homeless people. Considered a person “disabled”, even if it was not moving in a wheelchair, Michal was all the more difficult to get off the street because there is limited accommodation facilities available.

Coming from Eastern Europe to study in Paris, a man who spoke French “with a strong emphasis” had fallen into poverty “very likely a result of a non-renewal of residence permits,” says Cédric Lautard, the association Children of the Canal, who came to his aid. “He had many years of street behind him and had always refused to seek an accommodation, until recently,” he says. On December 9, this sick man who suffered, among other things, kidney problems, finally decided to apply for a place: “He accepted the fact that tired.” “This place, he was waiting, according to Cedric Lautard. It really is in the case of a tragedy that could have been avoided. “

How an aging man, in very deteriorated health condition, he could die alone while temperatures were negative? “We try to shelter the most vulnerable people,” said Eric Fold, director of the Samu Social in Paris. But “that is prioritizes when lack of space?”, He asks.

 At least 21 homeless people have died since the beginning of 2016 under the collective Dead Street. For its part, the prefecture recorded since 1 November 2015 “14 deaths in the street” in Ile-de-France, including 7 in Paris. The administration does not specify whether these deaths are due to the cold.

Strengthening emergency accommodation in Ile-de-France

The Prefecture of Ile-de-France has strengthened its emergency accommodation device, with 85 additional places, “given the continuing cold spell” that affects the region, she said. With 107 new places already open in early January, “85 places are thus added” this Thursday, she said.

“In total since 1 November 2015, the State Ile de-France opened for winter reinforcement 1529 emergency accommodation places in Paris and most of 2725 for the whole of the Ile-de-France region “, more than originally planned, said the prefecture.

Furthermore, 58 additional places are planned for early February. The regional prefect, prefect of Paris, Jean-François Carenco, also asked the operators’ strengthening marauding in Paris and throughout the region “.


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