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“To resist is not flee” response to the Valls Taubira – The Obs

The left of the real rather than the dream, the action and not the lyricism, Clemenceau instead of Aimé Césaire. The installation is known, and Manuel Valls did not take the private throughout his speech greeting the press meeting this Thursday, January 28th at Matignon.

To each his resistance. The day before ride his bike to exit the Place Vendome, Christiane Taubira had tweeted:

Speaking implicitly to his ex-Justice Minister, the Prime Minister replied by reciting his own definition:

To resist is to resist the course of things to find his way. Resist not run away, it’s not proclaim or make speeches, is to act. “

And Manuel Valls to evacuate this” temptation to leave “that always squeezed” the left when power confronts the reality “. Admittedly, the head of government has cracked public tribute to Christiane Taubira, a figure that” missed to the left “and that he hopes to recross concert or … opera. Nevertheless, in the name of “coherence” and “effectiveness” of government action, the odd couple they already formed when he was up and which was Beauvau perpetuated with his promotion to Matignon could no longer hold.


Last 10 days Vendôme Taubira

“strong symbol”

Especially when the country through a period of “war” expression was used as thread to the intervention of Manuel Valls has reiterated on several occasions to discuss this year 2015, “which has changed us.” “Everyone must realize that although we changed our time,” he insisted to discuss the situation of France. And to win this “war”, the Prime Minister wants to continue as long as possible this “national unity” which he traces the beginnings to the Republican demonstration on 11 January 2015 then to the “oath of Versailles” the speech by Francois Hollande before Congress on November 16.

Reason why, the Head of Government considers that the forfeiture of French nationality convicted of terrorism, which will become a “forfeiture” for those who have not no other nationality because of the legal impossibility of creating stateless, is a measure that is necessary to strengthen the adherence of all to the nation.

Those who murder the values ​​of France do not deserve to belong to the national community, “Valls repeated.

In his heart, Prime Minister, as President of the Republic, seems convinced that France will escape new terrorist killing. Therefore, after new attacks, it is unclear how a fringe of the left could continue to be indignant at this “strong symbol” what in his view the decision to strip French nationality from their murderers of French …

(Manuel Valls and Christiane Taubira, in December 2015 – Eric FEFERBERG / POOL / AFP)

Valls 1 – Taubira 0

Anxious to sculpt its profile statesman above the fray to resuscitate a kind of “sacred union” to terrorism, the Prime Minister has stressed that he did not care for “the future of the left”, it many suspected, but “the future of France.”

On March 8, 1918, in the gallery of the House of Deputies, Council President Georges Clemenceau launched this slogan made history: “My formula is the same everywhere domestic politics.? I make war. Foreign policy? I make war. I always make war. “

Nearly a century later, Manuel Valls has sometimes appeared singer” Tiger “, his hero, for discuss the military situation of France engaged in multiple fields of external operations also ordered to conduct “a long war every day”, in its own territory.

In 1918, in the same speech, Clemenceau but was itself proof of clarity as to the scope of its own hawkish accents, resurrecting an old Oriental wisdom proverb:

The winner is the one who can, fifteen minutes longer than the opponent believe he is not defeated. “

disowned, Christiane Taubira resigned and Manuel Valls has won. For how long?

Renaud Dely


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