Saturday, January 23, 2016

Demonstration for the grace of Jacqueline Wild – Liberation

“I’m Jacqueline Wild” , “Wild Justice, release Jacqueline” , proclaimed the placards of the protesters – mostly women – gathered at the call of feminist collectives. 100-200 people, according to AFP, had gathered in the morning, before the Bastille Opera to ask for the grace of Jacqueline Wild, sentenced to ten years in prison for killing her abusive husband.

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Among the protesters, including actress was anny duperey. “While she killed, it is not an acquittal, it is, in light of what she suffered, to take into account and say that this is completely unfair to confine decade and more after all this, “, explained Annie Duperey. “This is a case of legitimate defense, despite all” , she said. On December 22, Libération had come out in favor of the grace of Jacqueline Wild.

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wreaths on their heads, so Femen but warmly dressed, some women chanted slogans denouncing the outcome of the trial: “When the baton system Strike against women “. The day before, the Femen had dug a symbolic hole in front of the prison where Jacqueline Wild is enclosed shouted the same slogan.

An online petition asking for clemency Jacqueline Wild has collected nearly 315,000 signatures. On December 22, the daughters of Jacqueline Wild filed to the President for clemency.


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