Sunday, January 24, 2016

The No Borders, these radical activists who support migrants in Calais – Le Figaro

Present in the port city since 2009, the No Borders are the source of overflows occurred Saturday on the sidelines of a demonstration in support to migrants.

No Borders were again observed in the north of France. On the sidelines of a demonstration of support for migrants in the “Jungle”, thirty people were arrested Saturday evening in the port of Calais after being introduced inside of a British ferry. Of those, 26 were migrants and 9 were activists of the collective “No Borders”. An ultra-left movement, very present in Calais, which calls for the abolition of borders and the free movement of persons. The group is / would also be the cause of a tag “Nik France” affixed during the rally on the statue of General De Gaulle and Yvonne de Gaulle erected in the city center.

The voices were quickly raised to denounce the new shares activists. “The attitude of Calais No Borders is outrageous: we need sanctions! I ask the Government an emergency crisis meeting “has tweeted the new president of the regional council of Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy, Xavier Bertrand. “Saturday’s event was no accident,” said at the Voix du Nord the mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchart. To the elected, this gathering was “a pretext for all leftists – No Borders and Antifa – to create a diversion to attack the statue of General de Gaulle, the symbol of the Republic, and to an action on the port Calais. ‘

No Borders movement appeared in Germany in the 90s Since 2009, it provides unconditional support to migrants from the “Jungle” wishing to join Britain. Activists and help migrants from Calais to settle, to undertake administrative procedures and sometimes open squats to accommodate them. According to the Interior Ministry, which closely monitors the movement, the anarchists are of French, German and Dutch. The press in Britain also mentions the presence of many British activists in their ranks.

“They’re trying to indoctrinate migrants”

These activists are highly unpopular local associations. “The No Borders are a nuisance. They try to indoctrinate migrants, who just want to go in Britain, “explained to the Obs Dominic, a member of the association Auberge des Migrants. For Emmanuel Agius, deputy mayor of Calais, these “men of good family who know the law on the fingertips to better avoid the law” used migrants “to serve their cause.”

In early November, after a series of clashes with security forces, the movement had been singled out by the government. “There’s No Borders activists who have been identified (…) taking advantage of the confusion and distress of these migrants, who exploit the distress and push them to do anything”, had said on France Info the spokesman of the Ministry of the Interior, Pierre Henry Brandet. For the latter, these activists “push migrants to riot, violence against police, trying at all costs to stop trucks on the ring road in order to go to England.” “It’s behind the plight of these migrants a number of irresponsible people who exploit the misery for purposes other than humanitarian purposes,” he had concluded.


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