Monday, January 25, 2016

Calais: nearly 2000 people gathered peacefully to “enhance the image of the city” – La Voix du Nord

Around 14 pm on Sunday, between 1500 and 2000 people responded to the call of personal traders and the port, which invited to gather in Plaza de Armas the slogan. “My port is beautiful, my city is beautiful”

In the hall, the CEO of Cruise France Antoine Ravisse spoke for contact In particular, a message to the Head of State Come to Calais, you will be received with dignity. Our city, our port, our businesses need a new life. “He has called for help from the state to help the economic situation of Calais.

So that it was a simple gathering place d’Armes, has improvised a procession around 14 h 30. The demonstrators, framed by some policemen, marched through the streets of Calais-Nord , parties in the Place d’Armes towards the esplanade Jacques-Vendroux. They plan to go to the sub-prefecture before climbing the Rue Royale to return to their starting point. A symbolic route, the area is the richest in shops in the city.

In the ranks, no flags and no panel claims a membership in a group or a political party, such as had asked the organizers . Can be distinguished on the banners that message. “ I like Calais

Of the protesters, one could see many politicians including the Mayor of Calais Natacha Bouchart (LR), MP Yann Capet (PS), the mayor of Oye-Plage Olivier Majewicz (PS) or the Mayor of Sangatte, Guy German.

The event takes place in calm, without any overflow. Passing the sub-prefecture, the demonstrators applauded the CRS they crossed.

On the return of the march, Place d’Armes, the protesters sang the Marseillaise before the statue of the couple De Gaulle. Which had been tagged during the demonstration the previous day, which provoked strong reactions, especially on social networks.

A show of support for migrants Saturday

This gathering takes place the day after a another demonstration in support of the Calais migrants, whose mobilization has been as strong. Nearly 2000 participants from Calais to Paris and other European countries, marched Saturday. On the sidelines of this event, two hundred migrants and militants have entered the port of Calais despite the presence of security forces.


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